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25 October 2018


if you don't get that really niche veronica's reference, i will forgive you; unless you are australian and were riiiight into the pop-emo-scene of the early 2000s, that will go riiiight over your head. move along.

so, depop. the millenials' answer to what ebay was to us gen x-ers, but without the bidding wars, and with more rules like "be nice to each other" around feedback. i'd heard of it, yes, but in the last few months - on a hot tip from a friend at work, i really took it for a spin. i did a heck of a lot of window shopping, seeing what was out there, and "saving" a few items to my wishlist, then quickly forgetting all about it again. but, in the few weeks leading up to our trip to new york, and without sensible shoes to get me around comfortably, i took another look.

the tips i had from my pal at work, was "be specific about what you want", and start with a brand. so, i searched for "clarks trainers size 7" and waited. and scrolled. and scrolled some more. and then i stopped, and scrolled back a bit, and clicked on an image for more info. brand new silver clarks trainers, unworn and in the box, for the measley sum of £20 delivered. i barely stopped to think about it before buying those sons of bitches, and by the end of the week, they were with me, on my feet, and making all my foot-comfort dreams come true while keeping my magpie heart happy.

with one successful find to my name, i tried again. more clarks, this time a navy and pink pair of plimsoles that were the princely sum of £12 delivered to my door. half a size too small, but i'd taken a chance and worn them anyway, and other than a few bite marks around the back of my heels, another terrific success; they too were brand new! so, with a little experience on my side, i decided to start looking for something i had seen only in my mind, and nowhere on the high street: a sunny yellow teddy coat.

i'd seen mustard pea coats and mustard blazers and mustard puffers and mustard trenches, but think i'd seen anything in a shade of yellow that actually isn't mustard? no, i hadn't. i'd been looking on and off for a couple of weeks, and actually had changed tact and was looking for a tartan coat when i stumbled upon the sunny yellow coat of my dreams. it was perfect; the right shade of yellow, the right cut for wearing chunky knits under, and super affordable: £20 and a few days later it landed on my desk at work, and has elicited squeals of excitement from all that come in contact with me while in it since.

i am quite sure i may have run out of luck with all these successful purchases, and fully expect the next item to be a bit shit, but.. i don't think that's going to stop me any time soon. i have always been a second-hand lover, but depop just widens the net for a great steal, and is certainly a lot easier than having to leave your house to trawl through the hot mess that is the local charity shops. so, tell me: have you had any sucess on depop?

i'm wearing: coat (george) and trainers (clarks) : depop | jeans and bag : new look | jumper c/o sugarhill brighton | sunnies : boohoo

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