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22 November 2018

boozy brunch at | the birds, leytonstone

i'm starting to think i should rebrand this blog as a "where to eat brunch" blog, as that's all i seem to do with my life these days, but.. who could blame me, when there are so many incredible brunches to be eaten in london? this particular one was a very spur of the moment plan, but one i am four gazillionty percent glad that happened the way it did. a bit of background? sure.

a few months back, in the summer, i went out to the glory in haggerston one night after work for a drag show - a lip sync battle, and there we met gingzilla. a seven foot, ginger bearded drag queen is not someone you forget in a hurry, and especially not when their whole show is eating a rotisserie chicken while lip syncing to classic ballads - needless to say, we followed her on instagram, and have kept up with her antics over the last few months. then! a week ago, one of the girls who was there that night sent through a link to a brunch gingzilla was hosting - and at her local none the less! we nabbed our early bird tickets - £23 for bottomless mimosa, tea, coffee and toast, and one item from the brunch menu (plus a couple games of bingo!) - and made our way to the birds in leytonstone last saturday, for four hours of nonsense.

and from there, nothing but hilarious, inappropriate, belly laughs ensued. honestly, the minute ginzilla walked in the room and the show began, there wasn't a moment where i was bored, where i wanted to go home, or where i wanted to be anywhere else. the food was tasty, and the drinks didn't stop coming for four whole hours. considering we paid just over twenty quid, i thought they would have cut us off after two hours, but no. the comedy and brilliant wit from gingzilla was only heightened by the bottomless mimosas, and variety throughout her show. i mean, it was supposed to be bingo, but we had lap dances, comedy bits, some caberet, and much, much more. plus, we even won a few prizes, which is always a bonus!

i'm wearing skirt : m&s | tee : dorothy perkins | bag and boots : new look

as far as brunches go, it was nothing special. but, as far as brilliant days out go, it was up there as one of the best. and, i'd never been out to leytonstone before - and it's cute! the birds is a lovely little pub, with dogs and nice staff, and a really curious decor scheme, so it's certainly charmed me into wanting to return. knowing that they offer fun shows like this has really propelled it to the top of my "places i would definitely go back and spend more money at", and i reckon that if you're ever in the neighbourhood, you should do that too. 

check out their upcoming themed quizes, brunches and shows here.

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