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22 July 2012

life... according to my iphone

i'm not going to harp on about it, because we've all been in the same boat. but.. the weather, you guys! it has been absolutely ridiculous. the first year i spent in the UK we had amazing weather. there was hardly any rain, we had a glorious hot summer, and all other seasons in between were present and accounted for. this year on the other hand, has been cold, wet, and confusing. it is supposed to be summer, right? my wardrobe is stocked and primed for the warm weather, and yet.. so, instead of letting them go to waste, tagged and unworn (who am i kidding?), i have thrown caution to the wind (and rain) and worn them anyway.... until tuesday when it threatened rain. i gave up on my summer revolution pretty quickly. the forecast for this week is looking promising; no rain and highs of 31! just in time for the infamous olympics to kick off on friday. and, my how we are looking forward to these coming weeks.........

well, this weekend had been bizzzzay already, and still not over. on friday, boyfriend and i decided - all spur of the moment like, that we would want to see batman LIKE NOW because everyone else was going on opening weekend, and we didn't want to be the only ones. and, we found a cinema in bromley which means not having to pay london ticket prices. there was a session that hadn't yet sold out on saturday at 1pm, and booked. the tickets were only £7.50 each! unbelievable. i was so excited to go! we had to rush a bit on saturday, because the movie goes for just over 3 hours (including the previews) we had to go from there to ani's house in hammersmith few birthday drinks. i had to finish making her presents (bows, naturally) and do my nails and wash my hair. it all worked out in the end, and we weren't even late getting to ani's.

as a sidenote: the movie was soooooo good. boyfriend has mixed feelings, but i think that movie is 100% better than spiderman. i don't want to give anything away, and will probably end up writing a post about why - in all universes, batman > spiderman, but i will say this: tom hardy should always wear a mask.

from the cinema we headed to ani's for a few birthday drinks before heading out to the boathouse at putney bridge. ani had a section reserved upstairs for all her friends - very few of which we really knew, so boyfriend and i spent most the night with MW and ani's newest flatmate eduardo 'party' partington the third. we were there a good couple of hours, but had to leave around 10:30 as we especially did not want to re-enact last weekend's night bus from hell incident. still, we didn't get in til after midnight (with our stolen flowers), so we were out for most of the day. it was a good day though! tonight, we're off to see  rhys darby's stand up gig in shepherd's bush with bex and her mate ollie. she went and saw the same show on friday night and said it was hilarious, so we're really looking forward to that. monday is going to be a struggle though, this weekend has gone far too quickly. one more day is all i require, please and thank you.

also: i've been looking at writing an article/blog post for an up-and-coming online publication, and they've asked me to write on in the nature of 'fashion/lifestyle'. now i just need a topic. any ideas?

help me!

love x