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29 July 2012

pictures speak a thousand words

it's been a great week! the sun has been out everyday and it hit a high of 31 degrees on wednesday. being stuck inside all day is no fun, but having been out of australia for almost 2 years i don't know how i would get on sitting in that heat all day now anyway. a few fun things this week included: an early sunday roast before heading off to hang out with bex to see one very funny rhys darby play the shepherd's bush empire, a wine and a whine with carmen in the sun on monday, celebrating liz's birthday in style at the diner on friday night, preparing and hosting our very first grill-be-que on saturday for carmen and mountain, gorgeous cloudy skies and loads of leftover food, rockstar monopoly tournement, and to top it all off, a giant bowl of triple choc ice cream and cookies infront of the telly before back to work tomorrow.

hope you've had a good week!

e x