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1 July 2012

modest makeover

i have been wearing the same make up for about 6 years. i used to wear revlon colourstay, because when i was younger i felt like i had bad skin, and revlon offered a full coverage for combo skin. it was thick, and hid a multitude of (fairly made up) horrors. as my current pot runs low, i thought to myself, 'why am i still spending £12.49 on something i don't reaaaally need anymore?' i mean, i need the foundation, but coverage-wise, i could do with less... i am aging fairly ok i'd say; i've always had a foundation with an spf in it, i don't really moisturise but my skin is not dry or oily or.. anything. i get spots here and there, but there's no need for a heavy cover any longer. so, off to boots i went, in search of something that would still offer a decent cover, is oil free and - most importantly, is a lot more affordable than the current product.
voila! my new face base is none other than rimmel's lasting finish, which claims a full 25 hours worth of medium coverage, is oil free, and better still is half the price of the revlon, coming in at £6.29. i wore it all day today, and while boyfriend couldn't tell the difference per say, he keep complimenting me saying that i looked really fresh faced, even though i knew i was basically wearing the same amount as normal. i like it - nice colour, went on easy and washed off the hands a lot easier than the revlon, which almost needed make up wipes to remove the damage in the morning. the real test will be how much make up is actually visible on the make up wipe before bed.

i also picked up a new blusher and pressed powder on my boots adventure, both from boots' own natural collection - which is amazingly affordable. the blusher was £1.99 and the pressed powder not much more. while the colour of the blusher is a little less pink than what i normally go for (it was the pinkest one available), the pigment is really thick so i could add a few layers if i wanted a heavier look. the pressed powder gives my face the matte look that i dig, and also a nice base for an eye shadow if i so choose - usually not though. to finish my daily look, i usually just add a slick of my collection 2000 felt liner across the top lash line - with the standard cat-eye flick, and one or two coats of mascara.. here's the finished product (ignore the hair), what do you think?

do you have any cheap make-up fixes that i can steal? let me know!

erica x