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16 December 2012

a strongly worded letter to wizz air - eastern europe's number one airline


tonight we arrived at the Budapest airport 2 hours before departure to find our Wizz Air flight 2209 was delayed from a scheduled departure of 18:25 to a ridiculous 22:40.

Having already paid for transfers back in London, and transfers to the airport in Budapest, we were told by Wizz Air that no lost costs would be covered unless a flight was "cancelled" or delayed by over 5 hours. We were given no other information from the airport staff than "the flight has been delayed" and that was that. We sat and waited. We were at no time offered information or refreshments of any kind, instead having to pay out more money on food and drink to keep from going crazy for the coming 6 hours. At NO POINT were we spoken to by Wizz Air staff. At just after 9:30pm as we were awaiting our gate to be called, the delayed time moved AGAIN to 23:30 - making this flight OFFICIALLY 5 hours delayed, and STILL, not a peep from Wizz Air staff.

I find this appalling. Had we tried to re-schedule our transport in London (which we couldn't do anyway - we've lost money on our transfers which were non-refundable AND had to make alternate arrangements), then these too would now be non-refundable and we would be out even MORE of a cost that when we started.

At 22:00 our gate was announced, and - funnily enough, the departure time dropped back to JUST WITHIN the 5 hour mark; scheduled to depart at 23:00. At the gate, there wasn't an ounce of apology or explanation at all. It was as if this was everyday, and no-one had been put out. I find this really unfair, and extremely bad customer service. Am I pissed off that the service was delayed? Absolutely, but it's not the first time its happened, and I doubt it will be the last, and I can understand that. Am I dissatisfied with the lack of service we received by Wizz Air staff and the staff at the airport? Absolutely! I will certainly make an attempt to reclaim our costs, regardless of their unjustified rules, and will ensure my friends and family boycott Wizz Air going forward like I intend to.

It wasn't until we had finally boarded that the Pilot finally apologised for the "5 hour delay" (his actual words - does this qualify Wizz Air to cover our lost costs now?). We were offered a poor excuse about technical problems, and promised some "shortcuts" on the way home. There was again no offer of refreshments or otherwise - it being hours since the most expensive of shops closed inside the airport, and I for one was parched, and apparently still expected to pay out MORE money to this airline.

It is now 23:15 and we are taxiing on the runway. 10 minutes shy of the fantastical 5 hour qualifying time, and 2 hours since I should have landed in Luton, to a waiting shuttle service.

Am I shocked? No. Am I disappointed that my birthday holiday ended with such a waste of time and money? Absolutely. Will I be flying Wizz Air again? Definitely not.

While I understand this is not lowcostholidays responsibility, I thought you should understand what your customers have had to ensure tonight. We are not best pleased with this outcome, which is such a shame because the rest of this holiday booked through you was fantastic.


Erica Vonderwall

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    What shocking service, bloody appalling.

    1. you're not wrong. got home at 2:15am this morning, supposed to get in just after 10 last night.

    2. I'm glad you're going to fight them. It's really disgraceful.

  2. I would definitely fight against that - that is appalling! You would expect at least a cold drink while you waited and for them to not refund the expenses they caused you is ridiculous!

  3. If they are a decent company then they should at least achknowledge that its a massive fault on their end, hope you still had a good birthday holiday despite all this hassle x


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