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28 December 2012

want to hang out here?

hello my lovelies! i hope you all had a fantastic christmas. mine was crazy busy, with a morning of tea and presents and then more tea, all in preparation for the afternoon spent at boyfriend's parents house, with his mum and dad, 3 brothers, 2 puppies, 2 nieces and one sister in law. we were there for the best part of the afternoon, watching 'tangled', eating too much, and playing with presents and puppies. it was a great day, rounded out with a fresh fruit smoothie and chocolate bar in bed. cos.. clearly not enough food was consumed already that day...

the real reason for my post is to tell you i've just installed a 'sponsor' page, with a 'swap' button; so, if you or your etsy shop or blog would like to hang out on my sidebar for a couple of weeks, then check it out and use the code FREE at the check out for a free swap. just grab one of my buttons from my sidebar, and voila!

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  1. That christmas card is amazing!

  2. I ate so much this christmas, and tangled was amazing! glad you had a good christmas xx


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