where the wombles are

after 'the move' and before i 'returned to work', i had one more day with my mum, and seeing as she's staying out west - and i don't really get out there very much (ever), we decided to spend the day in wimbledon. everybody knows about wimbledon - be it because of the tennis, the wombles, or the fact it's a mission to get there on the district line, either way, we were keen to explore it a little.

was i so keen when i woke up on thursday morning with a raging pink wine hangover (thanks to my night with #roseDAnjou! more on that in the week) and running on minimal sleep? no, i was less keen then. even less so when i realised it was going to take me about an hour and three trains to get there. and then, even less again when i missed my second connecting train at crystal (maze) palace and had to wait another 20 minutes for the next one. bless her though, at the other end, there was my mum - all teeny tiny and full of promises of coffee. she's all right; we'll keep her.

we wandered up and down the high road, snapping pictures and snooping in the charity shops (expensive; to be expected), and claiming bargains in tk maxx (pretty pink vans sneakers for £12 - don't mind if i do!) when the opportunity presented itself. we stopped for many coffees and sat in many coffee shops (near the outlet so i could charge my ever-dying phone), and generally just wandered around the little old village (which for the most part, is now pretty 'new') for a good chunk of the afternoon.

when we made our way up to wimbledon common, i'll admit i was a little underwhelmed. i don't know what i was expecting, but certainly not just a swampy green field with a pond in the middle. i mean, there weren't even wombles! i felt really duped. we saw that there was a wee crafty market on there at the weekend, so made a plan to go back (eurgh, weekend travel is my fave you guys!) and check it out on sunday. fingers crossed the weather is a little nicer, and maybe the common is a little more vibrant than it was that particularly dreary thrursday in may...

have you been out to wimbledon common? can i expect anything more of it?