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3 September 2014

tagged | i heart instagram!

my sparkle buddy miss west end girl text me in the week and dropped the "t-bomb" on me; she was writing her entry in the "i heart instagram!" tag that miss trench coat herself started recently, and wanted my permission to tag me in it. tags. i don't... really do tags. i guess they can sometimes come across fillery? and clearly, this blog is all thriller no filler..... right? *tumbleweed* yes well, i had a look at the subject matter and decided that seeing it's one of my favourites (serious you guys, i heart instagram for realsies), what's the worst that can happen... so without further ado...

what's your instagram handle? @imbeingerica

how many accounts do you follow? 352

how many followers do you have? 974

what are your favourite hashtags? #london for snaps of my fave city, #flowers for floral inspiration, #ootd for outfit motivation, and #foodporn because... want all the noms.

what is your favourite genre of photo? i love seeing other people's personal style, and tend to dress myself in the morning based on my feed. i also really love seeing... what people are eating. always.

how often do you post? depends! sometimes once a day, sometime ten times! depends on if i have anything to share i suppose... i used to use instagram as a photo editor, but now i try to have it more gallery style and keep it well curated and not spammy (except when i'm on holidays #sorrynotsorry).

how often do you check your instagram feed? far too often. when i wake up. on the train. at work. always.

what's your favourite filter? i don't really use the instagram filters much anymore... now that they've the added photo effects to the app, i play about with brightness and contrast and the saturation until i love what i see. i also really love gingham on the video option, and wish they'd bring that over to the regular filters too.

smartphone purist or rebel? purist until the end. it's supposed to be an "instant-gram", not a "i'll take this now and upload it to my mac and then pop it in the cloud and then download it to my phone and then gram it gram". i don't have a camera; all my photos - blogged and all, are taken on my smartphone. i am purist.

your three favourite ig accounts? only three? hard. i'll break it down into three categories instead, shall i? in the 'vintage inspiration' corner we have @whatpeggysaid and @gypsybeeeboth have beautifully curated and brightly decorated feeds, and they're both perfectly inspiring. their photos are made of retro love, and often times feature an adorable pet or two (and lately, lots of calligraphy!). go follow them. 

in the 'in another life/wardrobe' corner we have miss @katymiten and @briarroseblog whose feeds continually keep me jealous of homewares and dresses i will never own, but always covet. and finally, in the 'celebrity i wish i could be' corner, we have @laurenconrad and @jamieoliver. both feeds are full of pretty, happy and healthy lives, delicious foods, beautiful scenery and everything in between. if you're not following these guys, you really ought to be.

so, that's me and my feels on my favourite social networking platform, instagram. thanks to lynsay for the prompt, and encouragement that not all tags are bad! i'd love to read your post if you do this tag yourself, but specifically nominate kim, katy and toni-lou to play along too. tag ladies, you're it!

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  1. Your Instagram always makes me want to shop, so many pretty clothes/bags/shoes!!x

  2. Great tag, who doesn't love Instagram?! Thanks lovely. :) xx

  3. i think your face is beautiful, so there!

  4. i knew you'd play along madam! x

  5. ain't a bad thing doe, am i riiiiiight? x

  6. I love your IG feed ;) x

  7. Oh hey there cheeky Sunday post idea! Cheers doll! :D

    Also enjoying the nice little #SAS London pic in the top right hand corner there. Purdy! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  8. I love following your instagram! especially this past week while you were on vacation. its kindaaaa like I was there with you.


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