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29 September 2014

who's a big girl?

1. pink perfection; a perfectly made, albeit slightly droopy, pink velvet cake as made by the baker extraordinaire that is my boss, laura. it tasted as good as it looks, and there was more than enough to go around the office on friday - my work birthday. 2. a special birthday delivery; my gay husband dan, all the way in australia had - earlier than day, written me a lovely facebook message to celebrate my birthday, and then was wonderful enough to have a huge bouquet of flowers, balloons, wine and chocolates delivered to my office too! so much for keeping that number a secret!

3. pinkspiration; the wonderful blooms that were sent to the office earlier than day were a sign from the birthday gods, that what i had planned for my weekend...4. a wonderful surprise; a week pink parcel awaited my arrival home from work on friday, full to the brim with lovely pink treats (and sequined confetti!) from my sparkle sister, miss west end girl! 5. the prequel to a birthday lunch; a portuguese custard tart before my main course, all thanks to the best boss a girl could ask for.

6. midnight feast; what better way to watch the clock tick over into your thirties than with a tiny tray of delux chocolates...to yourself. 7. domestic abuse; a fifty minute abusive relationship with my masseuse nadia resulted in a messy up-do and a very, very tender back. happy birthday, bitch! 8. egg-cellent choice; dinner in mayfair with some classy birds, then intergalactic bathrooms that keep you guessing who might be behind you. 9. trainies; one for the road? don't mind if i do.

10. you guys, i did the thing. i've been thinking about the thing for months. like, for ages. i've always wanted one, but always just been too damn terrified to get one. scared of the pain, scared they'd mess up and i'd hate it, scared i'd not like it afterwards. scared of my mum. well, to hell with being scared! i wanted to do something for me this birthday, and so i made the booking. ronnie is a friend of a friend, and while dee was here, she had something done by him too, so i knew i was in safe hands.

i was super nervous. like, beyond belief. ronnie had drawn the picture up on trace paper for when i arrived, and it was perfect. a little too big for the area, but once resized, just perfect. the stencil went on, i was calm. calm calm calm. totally not calm. my insides were shaking, my palms were sweaty, but there was no going back. it had to happen.

and... before you even ask, yes. it sucked so bad. it's totally not awesome, at all. the pain is painful, but not in a way that was ever unbearable. it was totally bearable. but it was not good. the whole thing took about 90 mins i guess, and the last half was a breeze. i suppose i was used to it by that point, and would only wince every now and then. the first half though? pretty much sheer grimmacing. the good thing is, it's only a small amount of time that the pain is there, before he stops, and wipes, and starts again. so there's respite. had it been continual, then nope. no goddamn way.

he was also dead against making her pink. "but it's me!" i cried. he didn't know what that meant, but i convinced him, and here we are. he'd never done a pink rose in all his years tattooing, so i feel pretty special to have been the first (and probably most annoying ever). he even said after the fact that he was stoked with how it turned out, and maybe he'd reconsider pink in the future! i'm happy knowingt i have one of ronnie's orginals on me.

this birthday has been a long time coming. 
it's finally here. 
it's done. 
and i couldn't be happier.

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  1. i think i want another tattoo now! Sorry not to be there for your birthday and sorry for the droopy 3! xxx

  2. Wow you're so brave - I could never ever ever get a tattoo, I'm the biggest wuss and don't even have my ears pierced! It looks fantastic!
    Chloe x

  3. AMAZING!!! Your rose is BEAUTIFUL!! It's so worth the pain isn't it? x

  4. totally. but SO MUCH OF THE PAIN.

  5. trust me, if I can, anyone can!

  6. ohhh the droopy three made my whole decade! next tattoo, it's us Boo!

  7. Happy birthday! The rose is so so so pretty! I've got 4 tattoos getting my 5th Wednesday but I still hate the pain, I'm alright for the first half hour then towards the end I want to die Im just praying for it to finish! Hahaha. It's so beautiful tho!
    Kloe xxskullsnkisses.blogspot.co.uk

  8. Oh wow, what a fabulous tattoo!! :)


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