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22 November 2014

ilumi | week [whatever] update

if you've been reading about my ilumi journey, then you're basically up to speed with my plight. if you're only catching up now, you can read the original post and the first update to get better acquainted. what i really need to let you now right now is how busy i've been this week. it's made it really hard to stick to the meal plan, because i have been out a lot for dinner. i honestly don't know how any (single people anyway) one in london sticks to any kind of diet, with all the socialising that needs to be done to shape some sort of social life.

anyway, the plan was to eat the meal plan during the week and then eat what i want at the weekend. while in brighton, we mostly ate burgers. i went out with charlotte on tuesday, and mostly ate burgers and drank wine. at the gaslight anthem gig on wednesday, mostly beer. at taste of london, mostly... well, everything. so it's been a hard week to stick to anything, really. especially when my new egg poacher arrived last week and all i wanted to do was make eggandbaconallthethings...

...do you know... i don't know how to poach an egg. so i got an egg poacher (you know, like a fry pan type thing with egg cups atop that i assume the egg goes in?) to help me. except, i have no actual idea how to use the egg poacher. there were no instructions on the literature. do the manufacturers at british lion eggs just assume that everyone knows how to use a contraption such as this? well, i don't (as an aside, while googling just what to do with it, i fell down a wikipedia black hole, and found out how many calories in an egg. honestly, the more you know; i had no idea they were so low in calories, because of how everyone goes on about the cholesterol content! i digress...), and now i can't have eggandbaconallthethings until someone learns me how to do the thing. ugh!

another point to note (not about eggs, thank fully) is that when i ordered my 28 day supply of ilumi foods, i didn't really... aim for variety. laura at work is doing the meal plan too, and every day she has something new and tasty sounding. i have... basically the same five meals. which is totally ok, because they're all really tasty, but... the same five meals every week is... a bit boring. so if you've what i was eating during the last week, chances are, that's what i've been eating this week. just with more added burgers.

things to note: i don't seem to be reacting to the ingredients the way i was in the first week, thankfully. i have, however, become increasingly more unwell. does that even make sense? increasingly more unwell? whatever, sick. head coldy. mum thinks possibly the lack of 'real food' - i.e. greens and such, have deteriorated my immune system. even though i have been eating greens with my meals when i can, she'e probably right. also: i don't really eat that much gluten normally, so it's not a gluten intolerance that makes me uncomfortable of a meal time. know what it might be? overeating. the portion control has left me 'satisfied', if not 'full', and i think this means i've been overeating; eating until i hurt, not eating until i'm satisfied.

what a revelation to make at thirty, huh.

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  1. Re the eggs, these are genius http://www.lakeland.co.uk/p12116/poachpod?gclid=CJjVi4W2kcICFeLItAodXwoANg&src=gpcoo&s_kwcid=AL!49!3!64047218891!p!!g!!egg%20poacher%20pods&ef_id=U4IetAAABVF9R5zV:20141123190638:s
    Just out the egg in, pop it in a pan with boiling water, and put the lid on. Turn up the heat, leave for about four minutes. Having the lid on is key, might be the same with your gadget?

  2. woah! that is pretty similar to what i bought! i tried it out today, and cooked them for at LEAST 5 mins, and... still wet! was not pleased with attempt one. practise makes perfect i suppose...


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