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5 November 2014

stop the press and get shopping

if you follow me on instagram (and if not, why? @imbeingerica) you will have seen me post this on tuesday night, but upon reflection, i thought i should share it here and give y'all links to buy the things too. emma zanelli is the friend of a friend, and she has incredible artists skills. i have been mesmerised by the work in her shop 'kiss the devil' for some time, particularly the piece in the top right called 'mourning coffee', because, well, coffee. i just love everything about the drawing; the girl is a babe, she's got the coolest glasses, hair.. everything. i kinda want to be that girl. just i love the print.

so, when i saw emma was offering free postcard packs with all of her full-sized prints until her birthday on november 13th, well... i mean it would have been rude not to, right? and with postcard prints as tattooed and pastel as those above (especially my two faves 'ice cream' and 'gum', there was no chance i was not getting involved in the deal.

so now, all the above are winging their way to me, and i am busy trying to make room on my walls for all the prettiness that's about to befall me. if you lot are into art as pretty as i am, then you should definitely get involved; the postcard prints would make such excellent christmas gifts too!

which is your favourite print in her shop?

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  1. These look great! Excited to see how your new print looks on your wall. I just adore the colours she uses. x

  2. she's so cleverrrrr x


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