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11 November 2014

w.i.w.t | the blanket wrap

blanket wrap c/o new look | booties + vest : primark (old) | beanie : h&m

here is me wearing a few things i am uncertain about. number one: an incredibly short (in hindsight; at the time, seemed appropriate length) vest top as a dress, and number two: an aztec printed blanket wrap that i never really thought would be something i could ever pull off. 

i see people in the street wearing them instead of coats, and i often think said people are a bit crazy and also possibly very cold. but, having worn this around the house on the morning i realised there was no heat on in my whole flat, i can confirm that it is indeed pretty warm, actually. my other qualm is, well, what do you wear a blanket wrap with?

the majority of my wardrobe is skater or fit-and-flare skirts - not a whole lot of body con, hence the inappropriate use of vest top above. honestly, it appeared longer at the time... maybe it's the exposure blowing out how see through my tights are the higher up my leg they go... no. no no, it's just incredibly short. many apologies, internet. 

so here's the truth about the blanket wrap, in a nutshell: there's just so much of it, that it actually is pretty warm. i don't know that i'd be prepared to wear it in lieu of a real coat, but... i could do. as long as not raining, and i was appropriately dressed underneath. maybe then. until then though, this is my new favourite accessory when i am lounging. so snuggly and warm, and totally cute, it's the perfect accompaniment to my fluffy socks and leggings when i'm lazing around the flat on a sunday afternoon.

tell me your thoughts on the blanket wrap; are you yay or nay?

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  1. I like it! Maybe a sliiightly longer bodycon dress but I love the look :D

    Thumbs up from me!

  2. Oh I love it, in spite of the many reasons I thought I wouldn't (pink, Aztec, size of a small country)!
    Looks really great.

  3. Holy smokes hot lady! twit twoo!! love this sexy fun look on you! you are looking fab! and i am yet to try this whole blanket wrap thing, i wasn't convinced.. until now.. shall be off to go try wrapping myself in my blanket to see i can work it like you ;)XXX

  4. Oh it's amazing and now I really want one!

  5. I like this outfit.


  6. I think I'm like you. I love the idea of it but I don't think Id be able to wear it out its just so much extra fabric I would feel strange wearing it about

  7. perfect for pjs I think!

  8. it's rully rully warm!

  9. oooh thanks lady face, what a compliment! x

  10. I am with you for all those reasons (except the, uhm, pink part haha), but do love it!

  11. I love it. I've shunned this trend mostly because I know I'll let it drag on the floor or trip over it or both at the same time, and also I haven't seen one I reaaally liked - until this one!!


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