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9 March 2015

gift guide | mother's day, march 15th

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even though it's not really mother's day this coming weekend for me (it's in may, in australia!), it's pretty hard to avoid the hype around it at the moment, isn't it. with that in mind, i have trawled the sales, the pitches and the internet propaganda to collate the top six last minute picks that any mum would surely love to receive, on top of the obligatory flowers and chocolate you're probably planning to pick up en route to your mum's this weekend.

i blogged about this ted baker candle a couple of weeks ago, and here i am recycling some old content. no, but really i am still enjoying its vintage floral scent a couple nights a week, and with a couple of options available for your smelling pleasure, what mum isn't going to go nuts for a really classy looking, and pretty smelling fancy candle from their first/last/middle born child? if she's not a candle woman, then she's bound to be a preserves kind of woman; i know, that might sound a bit weird, but my mum is a fiend for jam. like, when she was here last, she bought and ate her weight in various curds and preserves and chutneys, and i know for a fact that if i surprised her (getting in into australia would be a surprise, hello customs!) with this strawberry and champagne jam from radnor preserves, then she would be one happy bunny. probably happier than the candle, to be fair.

your mum a bit fussier than a floral candle or fancy jam would suffice? no worries; such and such have outdone themselves with their range of delicate leather goods, and this pixie pouch in dark brown is sure to please. if not, clarks' new range of spring-coloured brogues are an unmissable gifting solution - and, let's not forget their latest range in the orla kierly collaboration... *swoon*

if she's more of a casual accessories girl, well then there's always cath. reliable and loyal cath has released her latest line of spring time prints, including (but not limited to) this paradise bunch print, and my personal fave - the cloudy print of my dreams. not her thing? fine; i've been seeing more and more woody accessories on the rise lately (hello, tumbleweeds anyone?), and the range of wood watches out there are growing by the week. perhaps not for the more traditional of mums, but if yours is anything like mine, she'll be up for something a little bit quirky on her wrist this mother's day.

so there you have it; hopefully i've inspired you a little, and maybe even found the perfect gift for your mum. if not, i'd love to hear what you think is better than this list! 
(kidding, but do share below!)

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