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17 March 2015

w.i.w.t | paisley print-cess

dress c/o boohoo | hat*: asos | boots : primark | necklace c/o joules

boho? for spring? revolutionary. but seriously, just one year i would like to challenge all the designer and makers of the world to come up with a catchy new trend for one season that simply has not been done before. florals pastels and prints are naturally my go-to choice, but across any season - they're not season-specifc for me, i just change up the colour palette and the strength of denier in my tights, and maybe add a boot and hat if it's particular cold and/or wet. 

so, to see the boho trend making its way back on to the high street, i wasn't surprised. light blue denim and fringed bags and tan accessories... hooray, the 70s are back. again. again again. whatever, i ain't even mad. why? paisely. i used to haaaate paisley, like with a mega passion, but i think that because all the traditional 70s paisley print i was brought up around (my mum's house was built in the 70s and remained very... traditional until the last 10 years or so...) was so gross and orange and brown, and not pretty in the slightest.

but, give me paisley in an array of my favourite colours like this little beauty from boohoo (that you might very well remember from last week's spring wishlist!) well i will naturally adore it. i sized down (will have to stop saying that now, and accept that i am actually now a size smaller), and it's still a little big around the waist. i think that it's probably part of the shape of the dress - in keeping with the traditional smock-type shape from the 70s. it's fine; in the bigger size, this would make me look massive. in the correct size it fits well around my arms and across my chest, which still flatters the rest of the shape. which is totally yaysies for me...

see you at woodstock... anyone?

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  1. I LOVE Paisley, although I'm yet to actually get any for my wardrobe - I think I'm waiting for the perfect dress!


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