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18 June 2016

i heart wine

last weekend, fresh off the back of slam dunk in birmingham, i headed into the muddy depths of east london hell all in the name of good food, drink, and possibly even music. field day festival isn't one that'd normally turn up on my radar, with 99.9% of the bands on the bill (still) totally foreign to me, but there was another reason i was heading down, and it came in the shape of a bottle. a wine bottle, that is. 

a tasty invite from i heart wines came through earlier that week, to head down and represent the brand at the festival over the weekend, and take over their instagram account while i was at it; the real cherry on that already-sweet deal was a little something i like to call "complimentary prosecco from the wine van" that's currently touring the country this festival season, and is probably the most adorable wine bar you've ever seen. so yeah, i chose wine. i grabbed my musical partner in crime and my rain coat, and together we hit the muddy fields of east london, all in the name of bubbly wine.

fast forward five hours, two perfectly-plated bao buns and an iberico chirzo ciabata, too many glasses of i heart's delicious prosecco and a plate of the cheese truck's infamous fondue fries, and claire and i were living the dream. we'd bumped into charley and her sqaud of doting boys in the afternoon, and they'd dragged us (hardly, we were keen to avoid the rain at that point anyway) into "the big red tent" (that probably has a real name that i've forgotten) to see the temper trap at about six pm, where they all stood, impatiently waiting for "the song" while i regaled them with my astute knowledge of the lads' back catalogue (repping for australia, obviously), while also waiting for "the song". when "the song" came, last, the crowd erupted into a muddy pit of happiness, and that was where we called it a day.

we made the slow journey back to mile end, then home, where i promptly took two ibuprofen and got into bed for a small nap after what was quite a sunday outing for me! psa: daytime drinking gets harder and hangovers longer as you get older, i've done the research on that and you can trust me. you can find the i heart wines prosecco truck next in july, at boardmasters in newquay from the 10th - 14th, then at truck festival in oxford from the 15th to 17th. get down and taste it for yourself if you can!

thanks to everyone at i heart wines for catering to all our prosecco needs during field day. you can check out (and like - go on!) my takeover snaps on instagram too, if you like!