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29 June 2016

maxi style, mini effort

outfit one : dress | necklace | sunnies | slides | bag | outfit two : dress | clutch | necklace platforms
outfit three : dress | sunnies | hat | bag | sandals

it's no secret that i love maxi dresses. i don't like my legs (too pasty white and prone to bruising), and i like to stay cool without having to resort to leggings in public, so maxi dresses are it. i'm off to italy again tomorrow, for a week, and you wouldn't believe how many i've packed. i've got one for every occasion, really, and then a few more *just in case*.

we've got a few day trips booked in while out there - one to pompeii to check out vesuvius, one to the isle of capri, and we're starting our trip with a couple of nights in naples too, so there's a few different scenarios that need to be accounted for. casual dresses and comfy shoes for those dusty day trips; a dress and shoe that's easily whipped off when we're on our private boat tour of the islands, and we stop to jump in for a dip and a snorkel; a dressier dress option for fancy dinner for the birthday girl; something casj, to wear while lounging poolside. you name the sitch, and i've packed a dress for it.

and lord help me if it does anything other than stream with sunshine, because i seriously haven't packed a whole lot else. this'll be the first time a lot of my summer clothes will get their debut, so i really hoping the weather stays the way it has been out there this week - high twenties - because it could be the the only chance we'll have to see the sun this year... british summer, eh!

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