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13 June 2016

thought showers

i see some truly weird and wonderful survey results in my day job, but these recent ones from a survey mira showers commissioned on the uk's shower habits really had me giggling. who knew that other people spent their most personal of spare time coming up with arguments to past squabbles too? i genuinely thought that was just me that did that! more than that though, the findings had me stop and consider my own daily ritual, and after chatting about it with some friends and laughing with them at their shower confessions, i felt compelled to put together this wholly uninteresting post about my personal showering habits. ready? let's go!

timing | i'm not a morning person, ok, and just like 18% of the rest of this country: the more time i get to spend in bed, the better. that said, i also can't start my day without a shower, so factor this in when setting my alarm for the day; i work backwards from when i need to leave the house, factor in 15 minutes for a shower, 15 minutes to get dressed and do my make up, and another 15 mins for getting back into bed to check my notifications. 45 minutes from alarm to out-the-door, including enough time to check on the news from overnight, and a wake-me-up shower. my current personal best is 19 minutes, with no return to bed. that was a bad day.

routine | about this i am quite sure: i'm not the only person that does their washing in a bit of a regime. like, not only will you start the cleaning process with the same part your body (face, or head, if it's hair-wash day) everytime, but you'll have a bit of a routine as far as the entire process goes. mine goes as far as a bed time ritual too, that if broken, can mean sleepless nights unless it's corrected. at night, i have to go to the toilet as the last thing i do, and if it's not, i'll literally lay there, awake, until i force myself to go. equally, if my morning shower routine is altered in even the slightest way, this can mean the difference between a good and a stressful day. 

acoustics | right. honesty hour. apparently, 29% of us are talking to ourselves in the shower. cool. wanna know who i'm talking to in the shower? the producer, because i can't hit that note and i want him to restart the track. you read that right. while the majority of us are singing in the shower, pretending to be performing on a stage to a huge audience, i am laying down tracks in a recording studio - just me and the producer. it's properly the most embarrassing fact i could tell anyone about me; i have created this whole sliding doors life for myself, where i am basically a poor man's hayley williams and am recording paramore covers in a studio somewhere. even in my imagination i am still too scared of being the centre of attention. please don't laugh at me.

planning | well this seems like an obvious one, but i'm with that 18% who are planning their day's outfit while showering. my brain sort of does that thing that cher's wardrobe does in clueless - taking snapshots of all possible options, then settling on the most suitable for the day's weather, meetings, after work plans, and anything else on the agenda. it's a nice way of mentally preparing for the day ahead to, i think.

soooo, there's a bit more about me than you knew yesterday, or thought you'd ever know, more than likely. i think it's pretty interesting though, when you compare what's totally normal for you to what someone else's version of normal is - don't you agree? i'd love to hear some of your secret shower shames though; do any of these statistics apply to you?

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