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23 December 2016

some down time...

i am the first to admit that a lot of the things i do or eat or wear or see are for "content" and not because i actually want to do them. and that's not necessarily a bad thing, i don't think, it makes me more accountable for my time in london - or just even here in the uk, by making sure that i fully embrace the offers that i have and the time i spend on this planet. but, what i am finding more and more frequently now, is that it's making me frustrated; agitated at the thought of going to another pointless event, annoyed when the lighting is bad and i can't "get the photos i need" "for a post", and furious to have to get out of bed on a sunday because i have nothing to post on instagram and my engagement is dropping (which, by the way, has had me in a constant state of comparison-envy for far too long now, and i give up. like it or don't like it, i'ma keep posting those photos, world!).

uhhhhm, so yeah; what the hell man, that's so not what i'm in this for. this blog is supposed to be a diary of my life, not a reason to have a life; and so on that note: i'm off to have a life for a little bit.

rebekah and i are off to the cotswolds for christmas, and while i'm absolutely *sure* i will still be updating my instagram with lovely, cotswoldy, christmassy snaps, i won't be around here for a bit. i've tidied up my ends, submitted all my work, and officially put the out of office on; i'm having a holiday from being a blogger, and instead going to relish in what normal humans do when they spend time with their loved ones over the festive season: get drunk and fat and cry when i don't get the presents that i really wanted but probably forgot to ask anyone for.

and on that note, i hope that you too, dear reader, have a wonderful christmas break. 
see you on the other side.

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