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5 December 2016

some happy things

shiny shoes | my week started preeeetty well, with an email from new look telling me that my christmas shoes had arrived in store. i wasn't totally sure they'd be what i was after, but once i opened the package, it was love. i'm still not sure they'll work with the dress i had in mind, but they're the sparkliest, so they're staying.

lifesaving pizza | on tuesday i headed out with leanne and viki to a restaurant opening in east london that was soooooo poorly managed and oversubscribed that we sat around for ages before even being offered a measly devilled egg. nehhhh, not a restaurant for me, so we left and headed next door to pizza union which was an absolute life saver! we were starving and there is very little that pizza can't fix. pizza union, even less.

diet coke addict | the day diet coke gb followed me on twitter was the best day of my life, but then they sent me some limited edition ab fab loot and, well, i think that tipped the scale.

the habitat sleepover | charlie and i went to a really fab event in the week, at the habitat store on tottenham court road. it was all about getting the best sleep you can, and not in a salesy "buy our products" kind of way - it was actually really helpful, and i can't wait to share some of the tips i picked up on the night with you later this week. keep eyes peeled!

longflint | if you read my post about taste of christmas, then you will be familiar with longflint already. just as i was moping about the lack of independent and craft brands at the foodie fair, along came james with his beautifully handcrafted and locally brewed cocktail concoctions to save the day. we sampled a few of the range and instantly fell in love. my favourite was the rhubarb and vodka seltzer, while bex loved the ginger and rum variety. made locally and all from organic ingredients, i was initially blown away by the packaging of the bottles; owner james' experience is in craft beer, and it shows. you can pick up the colourful bottles of your own in a few places around london, and i recommend you do!

glitzy decorations | my christmas tree is fricken beautiful. i am in love with my christmas tree.

out out | on saturday, i went out. out out. i got dolled up, my hair was did, i wore more make up than normal. and it was fun. it was actually fun. but that doesn't mean i'm going to make a habit of it.

sundaaaay | why aren't they longer? ugh. have a fab week!

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