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12 December 2016

some happy things

more christmas decorations | this week started great; i was excited to get home on monday to find a big old box of christmas treats waiting from me, thanks to circus circus. it's not really christmas until you have fake snow all over your bed, it is? no. it isn't.

the christmas queens | on tuesday i was sooooo excited to hang out with charlie and aj (and emma, by way of whatsapp) at the christmas queens show at the troxy in east london. i have been obbbbbsessed by rupaul's drag race for yeaaaars, and so are my best girls, so as soon as we saw the tickets go on sale, we were in. and, the show was insane. i was  so excited to finally see my favourite queens - alaska, katya and michelle visage - in the flesh, and they did not disappoint. least of all michelle, who was quite simply... insanely talented. the voice of an angel. a goddess among women. the queens are coming back in march, and i can't wait to see them again. sharon needles will be there. i meeeeean!

tattoo time | guys. yeah. i'm in love. it's so beautiful.

tastes like christmas | couldn't make it to an actual german christmas market this year, so when some sweet treats from bahlsen turned up at my door during the week, i was stoked. especially when i got to work from home on thursday, awaiting my friend from melbourne - brett's, arrival, and snack on bags upon bags of them as there was nothing else to eat in the house. if there's one thing that tastes like a christmas market, it's a bratwurst. if not that, then german honey biscuits. get in my belleh!

the london tourist | it's brett's first trip to london, and it's only a brief one, so i've tried to cram a lot in. as i'm pretty much just an eater these days, we've hit a looooot of markets. on friday we hit borough market then walked along to the southbank market and then on to victoria, before meeting leanne and emma at pergola on the roof. i know. more on that coming tomorrow. then, on saturday we hit greenwich market. the royal observatory, planetarium, the jubilee tunnel, and the horniman museum. then on sunday, spitalfeilds market, shoreditch city farm, shoreditch street art... you name it, i've showed him it. except for the touristy stuff, which he's not interested in seeing, and i'm not interested in showing him. so there.

santa con | i don't know what or why, but we found them in the tunnel at greenwich, and they were great. this is evidence of drunks making a positive impact on society.

planet earth | fucking hell, what a fantastic piece of television viewing. i love that more young people are watching sir dave's latest offering than simon cowell's, and i can totally see why. i've watched none of this year's x factor (after the awful auditions, that is) and yet i cannot stop watching planet earth. i've learned so much, and i'm fascinated. i want to know more. i need to learn more. i'm off to learn more. have a fab week!