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30 January 2017

some happy things

this week was fabulous for one reason: payday happened right in the middle of it. that was one payday that has been a looong time coming, as they last time i saw that sort of money in my account was mid-december. and i have booked a looooot of travel this month, so really, it was one payday that was pretty bittersweet; no sooner had the money been deposited than it was gone again. ah well! it was nice to be rich again, if only for a moment in time... other things making me happy this week, are:

glimpses of spring | there's nothing more hopeful than the sight of tulips and daffodils in the shop windows. this means one thing, and one thing only: spring is coming.

mellow yellow | my new coach dinky arrived on monday, and my my, i've not seen anything so bright and vibrant in a very long time! the leather is so creamy and soft, and all the clasps and catches are so strong and well made.. i've never had a bag so beautiful in my whole life! expect to see a lot more of it around here.

smear campaign | last week was cervical cancer awareness week, and it made my heart happy to see soooo many of my great friends, idols and followers sharing their #smearforsmear pictures and stories last week. you might remember i had my own rocky results a few years back, and after some quick action by the nhs, i was give the all-clear a few months later. having just got my 6-monthly reminder in the mail, i thought the timing couldn't have been perfect, so i shared my own little reminder last week too.

aussie day | last thursday was australia day, and i celebrated by eating cheezels.

portrait | i got a notification on my instagram last week, that my portrait was complete. amy had asked me a few months ago if she could paint my portrait for a new exhibition of hers, and of course, i said yes. well, it's done, and i love it. more on that when i have it in my hands and i can bathe in the wonder of all my narcissism.

borrow my doggy | i didn't get to see goldie this weekend, instead i made a new friend: monty the cavapoo! he lives just down the road from me, and his mum is busy with a new baby and two tweens, so she needs someone to take him for a few hours on weekends, or during the week days. that'll be tough for me, but working from home will now have some extra perks! plus, he's so cute and snuggly, all he wanted was hugs and belly rubs, and i can tooootally accommodate another fur baby in my life i think, don't you? get my money's worth!

everyday brunch club | this tee was made for me.

leyton loves | i got to spend sunday with my bangarang babes, at claire's place in leyton. i'd never been to leyton before, and my my - it's a cutie pie! the high street is just a row of colourful houses, and the streets are just rows and rows of terraced houses - some even with brightly painted garage doors! totally adorable! can't wait to head back on a nicer day and not have to dodge so much rain!

i hope your week was even half as wonderful as mine!

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