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11 January 2017

wishlist | apricot sale edit

i was reading my pal charley's blog the other day, and was smiiiiitten with this look she wore to the million dollar quartet last month, so i delved further. then i found she nabbed the skirt in the sales - excellent work! then i saw she linked to her previous post where - alas! another dress from the sales. wait a minute - both items from the same sale? click, click, click and moments later i am surfing the apricot sale like a pro. that's how easy it is ladies and gent (hi dad), once you fall into the january sales black hole, you're doomed. 

especially when the last time you were paid was.. oh, last year some time, and your australian card was blocked by the bank because they thought you trying to withdraw your christmas money from your mum (hi mum) was fraudulent activity, and you're on a shopping ban because hellofresh.co.uk took money out of your account despite you cancelling your subscription (but i guess i have food now, so, silver lining), and you don't get paid for another, oh, weeks.. what was i saying? 

oh yeah, i'm broke. so no shopping allowed. but.. i might try convincing myself that i'm technically saving money by buying stuff in the sale - especially for this velvet number that i am desperately trying to make mine without paying for shipping.. because i definitely need a third velvet dress, yeah..?

what are your favourite picks?

*this is not an ad*