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6 February 2017

staycations for 2017

i did a looooot of uk travel last year - i think it was nine or ten new places ticked off the uk bucket list, which i was pretty stoked about! it was supposed to be the year of abroad travel, but somehow all these opportunities kept popping up, and i would have been silly to say no. so yeah, staycations are the new vacations, right? this year is shaping up to be no different, except i already have seven overseas trips booked in, and not enough backyard ones. so, i've been window shopping for inspiration, and narrowed it down to my top three - because let's face it: this year, i'm kinda busy.


i've previously made it to cornwall, bath, bristol and the cotswolds, but devon is one destination that has eluded me for far too long, and it's time to actually try the cream-first-jam-second application technique on a fresh scone and answer that age old question - which way is the right way - once and for all! i've roped bex in already, and we're heading down to a little seaside town called appledore for her birthday in march. with as many castles and gardens and stately homes for us to explore, it's going to be one chilled weekend. and, i can't wait to get driving around the countryside again!


another wee georgian town  i can't wait to explore. teeming with perfectly-manicured gardens, beautiful riverside meadows, and streets totally unchanged in hundreds of years, stamford has been high on my list since i read about hidden england. it's like a treasure map of some of england's most impressive heritage sites, all scattered in pretty little villages only a short drive from stamford. i think i'm most looking forward to heading to both burghley house and the easton walled gardens, because live deer and pretty flowers. the dream!


since heading to hull last year, i was keen to get back up north in the summer. specifically, south bay beach in scarborough. not for, you know - obvious beaching reasons, because ha, no, but because look how preeeeetty it is! ok, i'm totally thinking of the 'grams when i think about this one, but also, how fun would it be to take a roadtrip to the beach?! sounds like something they do in films, right, but mainly, if scarborough is good enough for simon and garfunkel, it's good enough for me.

what's on your uk travel bucket list this year? tell me, tell me!

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