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24 February 2017


dinky bag c/o coach | scarf : gift from vietnam | sock boots c/o 4th + reckless

sock boots. i don't really understand them, but for some reason, i love them. i've bought and returned a few velvet pairs now, despite knowing they'd never really suit me, because i'm really.. intrigued by them. like, what's the point of them; to be more fitted at the ankle than a normal boot? to look more tailored than a leather boot? who knows.

what i do know is these black, glittery ones from 4th + reckless are perfect on a few levels. firstly, they actually fit, which is amazing. secondly, they're glittery, which is fricken perfect for me. and lastly, they're actually really comfy - despite that giant heel, which is a bonus in any shoe-loving gal's life. plus: that rose gold hardware is giving me liiiiife, so, i'm mega pleased with their addition to my shoedrobe.

dress c/o new look

i'm still not entirely sure how to wear them. i think you're supposed to wear them bare legged, but fat chance that's going to happen for a few more months. i guess the tights and boots combo makes the whole sock part of the sock boot a bit redundant, but oh well. life is throwing nothing but lemons right now, so i'll have to make it work. excited to find somewhere worthy of their first outing!

how would you style these sock boots? help me!

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