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27 February 2017


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according to the way time and climate works, apparently spring is just around the corner, and if these last few days are anything to go by: i am super unprepared. i have but one mid-weight jacket in my arsenal of coats, and it's not really very versatile. it's khaki green, which isn't really a go-to colour of mine, though i suppose if the high street windows are anything to go by, it very well should be. 

nevertheless, it's becoming more and more apparent that i'm going to have to invest in some alternatives, because this whole "sweating on the tube" thing is already getting really old, and it's only february! i was casually hanging out in new look the other day, picking up an order, when my gaze was draaawn into the plethora of jackets merchandised in the "pastel area" of the shop, and holy smokes! there are so many beaaaautiful jackets in there at the moment, i just found myself stroking them all and imagining them hanging in my wardrobe.

and then i went online and found a whole 'nother bunch of pretties in the sale section (that i had to buy because things that are on sale scare me into purchasing without haste), and then i was overcome with all the feelings. basically. essentially, i need all the metallic and pastel biker jackets this season, and probably one really, really pretty embroidered number too. that'll be a good enough supply, i think. and a denim. everyone needs a good denim jacket, don't they? don't they?