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6 April 2017


guess who's back, back again; everything 5 pounds is back, tell a friend. seriously, i can't stop telling my friends personally, because every time someone asks me where i got a certain thing from and i tell them that i did, in fact get it from the cheapest boutique online, they don't believe me and instantly head off to have a look for themselves. until recently, i had no idea how or why things are that cheap, or how the company made any money, but then i discovered that they actually just source unsold stock from the high street - as well as unbranded products, which means they can get rid of the stuff at a super low price! lucky me really, because that means i can keep scoring great jackets and shoes and dresses from their infinite collection of awesomeness, for mere pennies. forever.

i have wanted to get on board with this gingham trend for some time (you know that primark dress that every blogger and their dog has, and who all look way better in it that i did when i tried it on in my lunch break quickly last month? yeah, that sort of launched my quest), so when i spotted this pretty patterned number on site recently, i pounced. it's not exactly gingham, but it's close enough to pass for it and also ticks off two trends in one; it's my first cold shoulder number too.

dress + khaki mac c/o everything5pounds.com | bag : primark | boots : asos | bomber : new look

it's not exactly "flattering" on me though, but that's because it's a swing shape - my latest go-to style when it comes to comfort and hiding the fact i've let my gym membership lapse a little this year (despite making a concerted effort at the start - i've just been bloody travelling a lot, haven't i!), so actually, for a fiver it's pretty much the bargain dress of the season. and, the cold shoulders came in perfectly handy when i was in devon over last weekend because my gosh it was hot, and having those arms out felt pretty bloody nice after the longest winter of all time. i think i will be very happy with this addition to my spring wardrobe, thank you very much everything5pounds.com!

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