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17 April 2017


last month i decided that i needed to start eating "good" again, in line with my return to the gym for my pre-summer pretence of being fit and healthy. basically, what that meant was no sweets or carbs, because i am basically addicted to toast, and when i have raw toast (bread) in the house, it's gone in a number of sittings. this is bad. i even made it to the gym two or three times, and lasted more than a week of carb-free living before i managed to undo it all in a blaze of glory. why? the diner re-opened in islington, didn't it? i'm a martyr.

bacon jalepeno tater tots £4.95

this new-to-me diner basket option was a wonderful surprise, and terrific way to kick-start one calorie-heavy meal. think cheesy tater tots mixed with jalepenos, and wrapped in crispy bacon. good lord! they came with a spicy jalepeno mayo on the side which did nothing to dull the heat explosion that came with every bite, instead adding to the intensity. thank god for the diner's range of craft beers, because these party poppers had me gulping kona big wave (£5.20) after every bite. yum!

wet fries £2.95

ok, honesty hour: these are wet fries with cheese and bacon on top, and not actually on the menu. our waitress was so damn cute and helpful though, that she sort of suggested we try them that way, and who was i to say no to that? i really lovvve wet fries because they remind me of home. in australia we call them "hot chips and gravy" though, because, well, that's exactly what they are! the bacon gravy they're drowned in is so salty and rich, and definitely enough to make this dish complete. but add crispy bacon and melted cheese on top? winner winner, wet fries dinner. 

the arch burger £7.95

it's not like me to order a burger, but seeing as it was a "no carb week" and i had already ruined my new-found health regime with the first two orders, i threw caution to the wind and ordered a bloody bun. this one is filled with a regular burger and pulled pork, crunchy slaw, monteray jack, and a pickle to boot. it looked perfect when it came out, and within moments, not so much. but that's because i was gnashing on it like a rabid dog with a bone. while the other girls were a bit more delicate with their mains, i picked mine up with two hands and started taking mouthfuls of it from all sides. the pork was full of flavour and the bbq sauce sweet and rich, while the burger - cooked medium, was still juicy enough that with every bite i took, trails of burger happiness ran down my hands onto the table. that's the sign of a good burger, no?

was it worth breaking the diet? heck yes it was. and thanks to the really fantastic service we had that night from the waitress, the funky new decor, and the increddddible tunes coming out of the sound system, the new diner has quickly become my favourite diner in london. and, with it being so close to work, i'll definitely be heading back there soon. find your nearest here.

*our meals were complimentary, but all words are mine.

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