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8 December 2017

london days out | A DATE WITH THE TATE

i don't spend nearly enough time in london, considering i live in the damn city. i make all these travel plans, and brunch plans, and plans to sleep in every now and then, but.. i don't make enough plans to really appreciate the beautiful city i call home. like, last weekend's jaunt down the southbank: i used to practically live down there - in the summer, i'd wander from london bridge to westminster and back again, snapping all the sites as i went. in the winter, i'd head down and wander amongst the festive markets, sipping on (bailey's) hot chocolate, ducking in and out of the museums and galleries as the weather changed its mind. these days though, i spend too much time getting out of the city, and not enough time with it.

take the tate, for example. i can't remember the last time i actually went in there. actually inside the free london attraction, all because i'm too busy to do things like that these days. well, that's not ok. because there are so many things that are aligned with my interests in the tate modern. like bright, bold carpet that changes colour without you noticing, or a room full of neon signs that make no sense, or a wall of coloured paper that goes up the entire height of the stairwell walls. those things are totally aligned with my interests, so.. what have i been doing with my days off?

coat : j.d.williams | beret : vintage | dress : primark

the same old stuff, obviously. i've been doing this and that, and not fully taking advantage of this vast city that i live in, and.. well, that's got to change. there are so many things that i don't make time for anymore, opting to finish work, going home, heading to the gym, eating out, meeting friends, walking the dog - all things i could do in any city i lived in, rather than choosing to do things that i can only do in this city. hideously out of order, basically. because, this city is too expensive to take for  granted like this.

something's gotta give, because there's no way i can have it all. i love london - it's the home i've chosen, but i also love the life i have created for myself outside of the city. the traveling, the socialising, the self care at home, and the dog - i love it all and i don't want to give anything up, so.. how do i make it all work without running myself down, or guilting myself about missing out on stuff? adulting is hard, sometimes. it really is.