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22 December 2017


you have to know that i bought this christmas jumper on the 21st of december this year, because i still didn't have one in my arsenal of winter jumpers. i've got fluffy ones, novelty ones, glittery ones, just didn't have one single festive one for the holidays; as this is my first christmas in london since probably my second or third year in the city (this will be my seventh), i wanted to at least look the part as i'm out and about, enjoying all this wonderful place has to offer over the christmas holiday.

and, i do have plans this holiday. solo ones, because just about everyone i know has either gone home, gone away, or have their own lives, so i'm going to make the absolute most of my time in town with as little people around as possible. that is, when i'm not sat at home in my new, amazing flamingo onesie, eating all the food in sydenham, avoiding adulting and such until the new year. but, when i do leave the house, i've now got my festive wardrobe sorted, thanks to one lilac christmas jumper, and the fluffiest, woolliest coat i've had in.. well, weeks, really. i really started something with baby bear, because now i have not one, not two, but four fluffy/furry coats in my wardrobe. this white "lamby" one was a christmas re-gift from bex, who outgrew it from last year. gotta say, i'm stoked with the re-homing!

another very welcome gift from bex this christmas was this banging backpack. yes, that's right, another backpack. so it seems i've got a small addiction to child-sized and child-intended bags. i saw this one on the skinnydip site just before black friday, and kneeew i had to have it. it's since sold out there (it was so cheap - like 80% off!), so thanks for playing along with my immature, glitter-infused antics, bex, because it's so very me. it's still online at asos, though, if you want to join the party (come join the party, it's nice being old and sparkly all the time!).

bag: skinny dip | coat : asos | jumper : boohoo | hair clip : crown & glory | boots : truffle | skirt : joanie

truth be told, i'm not really sure how to behave at christmas. i'm an only child who spent every other christmas in another country (or travelling around the country), so i didn't grow up with a lot of traditions. last year my flatmate carmen and i had a misunderstanding about how many lights a christmas tree should have; i thought 40 was plenty. turns out, 400 is closer to accurate, here. i stayed out of decoration business this year, it was easier that way. i stayed out of food ordering, too, as i think my minimalist approach to the holiday would only serve to annoy my flatmates, who seem to be running a tinsel factory out of our living room. so, christmas is going to be interesting this year, to say the least. and genuinely - and despite the tone you might be hearing - i'm really looking forward to it.

...merry christmas, you fabulous animal. x

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