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1 December 2017


my main problem with online shopping is that sometimes i base an entire purchase on how good something looks on someone else; my other problem with online shopping is that i never quite know how something will fit until it arrives. and sometimes, i even have the problem where my want for said item is stronger than my care factor about how unflattering it actually looks on me, and that's where we start this story. let me introduce you to 'baby bear'.

i guess the "teddy coat" is the latest trend when it comes to staying warm, and i totally get why because this most-definitely-fake-fur coat it verrrry warm indeed. it's not quite the coat i've been looking for, but it's different enough to it that when i do find the coat i've been looking for, i will allow myself to have both. or all, as actually there are three or so coats that i currently have my eye on, and i'm pretty sure i have no need for all four of them. for now though, this one is the baby of the family, and will be treated as such. she's delicate. soft. and to be only worn in nice weather because there's no way i'm letting her get wet just yet. nothing is going to damage the exquisite fur-like coat; nothing.

it's just.. well, it's a little snug. i picked it up the 12, but i still can't really fit knitwear underneath it comfortably, which is a shame as this jumper is my new absolute favourite "work appropriate" jumper. the ruffle sleeve is like, so totally on trend ya know, but also, the fine knit is really warm, comfortable, and it's going to go with literally everything i own because: black. so, it's a real winner on its own - and it's now even on sale, so.. take my word for it and buy one for yourself (mine's a size "small", which seems to be sized 12-16... oversized is the new cropped, i think). the coat though? is just a little snug. i probably could do with the size up, but then i think i might have run the risk of actually looking like a bear, so.. just not sure "it's very me". 

coat and jumper c/o j.d.williams | skirt from donna | shoes : new look

i adore the little velvet neck tie though, and think it helps dress the fluffy coat up a bit. plus, the "neutral" colour is actually more "mink" than anything, and against my hair even has a slight lilac hue to it, sooooo, i think we all know that means i'll wear it regardless of how flattering it is, because it's made of lilac fluff, and "lilac fluff" is quite possibly the perfect drag/unicorn/christmas elf name for me, so... what was i saying?

*post written in collaboration with j.d.williams, but all thoughts are my own.

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