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8 November 2012

hanging at the blog hop

hello and welcome to those of you who have stopped by from either the the totally awesome blog hop or the follow me, maybe? hops happening at the moment.

i'll be the first to admit, i'm still new at all this blogging malarkey, and am clueless when it comes to building a following. i've said it before, and i'll say it again: i just love to write. i don't care if one person or a hundred people read it, i just write for me. would i like 100 people to read what i write? heck yes i would. seeing your little number climb higher and higher is a great feeling, so how do you keep it growing? by doing the same thing. mingling with other bloggers is thes best way to do it. this is why i love the idea of the blog hops, and why i will continue to be involved in them going forward. making new friends is fun anyway, so if they turn out to have amaaazing blogs too, then all the better really!

i read blogs all day, everyday, and always follow along the ones i enjoy. i think that's kinda the point. my blog here doesn't really have a purpose as such. i'm not promoting a brand, i don't really catalogue my 'style' and i don't have a fancy camera - i just write about me, my likes, my thoughts - my life really. does that make this a 'lifestyle blog'? i... don't know.

this little corner of the internet is where you can read all about my life. i think it's kinda cool. i hope you do too! thanks for coming, stick around awhile!