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28 November 2012

november photo challenge (part three)

it's that time again folks! i've been a bit layyyyyzeeeeee and forgotton to submit a bunch - only ever a day late, but.. still. we're almost done now! anyway, here we go:

day 22. grateful (for chocolate. until it makes me sick. but still always grateful)(also grateful for all the compliments this particular outfit conjured that day. who knew dressing your age was so useful?) day 23. black (the black bar branding at zebranos on carnaby street) day 24. a sound you heard (the post bringing christmas presents to my house!) day 25. the sky (self explanatory) day 26. inside my cupboard (me. and all my bows. wearing a mickey mouse jumper, minnie mouse ears and pj pants. i'm cool man) day 27 and day 28. tree and vehicle (two birds, one stone, etc) day today. i met rylan clark from xfactor!

rylan was really lovely. we had heard this morning that he would be on captital radio while we were on our way in to work (we work just up the road from capital studios). as we were walking through leicester square, boyfriend spotted him with his assistant or whoever, and i was like "oh yeah" and kept walking. then i stopped, grabbed my phone, turned around and yelled "RYYYYLAAAAAN!" he was all like, "hey babes, you alright" haha he was really sweet - hugged me while i asked for photos (really tall!) and that said was lovely to meet me etc, and we were on our way! i was chuffed - everyone on that show claims that he is the nicest guy in the world, and he really seemed to be as well. now, i have only one degree of seperation with olly murs, which is the best thing about today. except this awesome cupcake and subsequent ring that boyfriend bought me for morning tea.

what a guy!

so, i leave for morocco with bex tomorrow! i won't be back until next tuesday, and i don't know how to schedule posts. so, don't miss me too much! a lot of you follow along on twitter and instagram (@imbeingerica for both!) so i will update my whereabouts for you lovely readers that way.
have a great week without me!