What are you looking for?
19 November 2012

the b.(online).f.f.

hey, you guys. do you like my little digi-me? yes, i thought you might. well my good friend* kim who blogs over at what peggy said made it for me. well actually, she made a different one, but then i got a real life hair cut, so she felt my didgi-me needed a haircut too, and this is the finished product. cute, huh!
kim designs these digital portraits, and sells them in her etsy shop alongside a miryad of other adorable and clever designs and handmade goodies. basically, what i'm saying is that you should pop over to kim's page, say hi, and then follow the breadcrumbs to her shop - where if you enter the coupon code nov20 by the end of november, you will recieve 20% off everything.

what are you waiting for really?

*kim and i have been the best of friends for about 3 weeks now. we met on instagram, and instantly bonded over a mutual love of the sale rails at primark, diy, i think the colour yellow and our matching haircuts. shallow? no. i don't think so. we regularly stalk each others insta, twitter, blogs... boyfriend thinks it's weird to make online friends if you don't know them in real life - but, how is it any different really? just because someone is not there in body doesn't make the conversations you have or the mutual likes you share any less real? well, that's what i think, for what it's worth. and really, in a world ruled by the bloggerverse, how is making friends in an online capacity any different to making friends in a sewing circle?

i like to think the online version of me is just a less potty mouthed version of the original, which means that the friends i make on here (you) are people i would befriend in reality. but in reality, it's much harder to make friends unless you're in a bunch of groups or have extra curricular activities. if your only real hobby is online-based, doesn't it make sense that your friends would be the same way inclined?

my point is, i think kimmie (nick names already) is aces, and i'm pretty chuffed we 'met' because it's hard at *this age* to meet new people, let alone make friends in people you really like.

go see her, now!