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6 November 2012

vintage adventures!

last week we went to a secret vinatge sale bonanza in east london. the invite claimed upto 50% off, items as low as £1 and - the best bit - free alcohol! how can you say no to that! after work we made our way to assembly passage in whitechapel, not before stopping off for nandos before the secret sale began promptly at 7 pm. thankfully it wasn't too busy in there, but there were definitely quite a few secret shoppers that turned out for a bargain. we sped to the dress racks and grabbed pieces without really seeing what they were - just to beat other people to getting the really good stuff. in about 10 minutes, carmen and i had piles of clothes in our arms, and it was time to dwindle down to sensibility. she found herself some really pretty 90's dresses, while sadly i came out with nothing (who i!?) that i really loved. sure there were some really sweet collared shirts and pretty loud 80's dresses and lumpy (stained) novelty jumpers, but nothing that i had to have - and as i have learned time and time again, "it's not a bargain if you didn't need it".

the good thing is, now i know where the shop is, i can go back another time when there are less people and i have more time (and money).

i haven't given up yet!