being erica is a fun, honest, lifestyle blog with a focus on my everyday. i write mostly about my life, my style, my travels, and a whole lot of junk in between. i genuinely just love to write, and being erica is my outlet. as of january 2013 i have tried to post daily, keeping to a fairly regular post and feature schedule, including both personal style, london life, and travel pieces.

as of september 2016, being erica averages;

approx 21,000 page views per month
approx 7,500 unique visitors per month
over 1,500+ blog followers across gfc and bloglovin'
3680+ instagram followers and 3400+ twitter followers

if you're thinking of joining being erica, i just ask that you first consider your content; will it compliment mine and will we share the same readers? this may seem obvious, but our readers are ours for a reason; they enjoy our content. your blog or shop needs to appeal to my readers as well as yours! if you're interested in advertising on being erica, please shoot me an email and we can chat about what you're after.

i also love collaborating, and have had the absolute pleasure of working with some fantastic brands in my time (including but not limited to biggies like warehouse, new look, debenhams, joules, my optiquebagable, cath kidstonargos and thorntons, as well as some incredible up-and-comers like bonne chance collections, ji ji kiki, prairie charms, a pony called steve and wholesome bling). if you would like to suggest a different type of sponsorship, please contact me directly to discuss.

being erica is a for-profit blog. read my disclaimer for more information. any profit earned from these ad sales will be paid back in kind, and will allow me to advertise in other ways. your support here then benefits you two fold... so pay it forward!

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