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being erica is a fun, honest, lifestyle blog with a focus on my everyday. i write mostly about my life, my style, my travels, and a whole lot of junk in between. i genuinely just love to write, and being erica is my outlet for that. features include personal style, london life, and travel pieces.

as of january 2018, being erica averages;

approx 22,000 page views per month
approx 7,500 unique visitors per month
more than 10,000 social media followers

if you're thinking of collaborating on being erica, i just ask that you first consider your content; will it compliment mine and will we share the same audience? this may seem obvious, but our readers are ours for a reason; they enjoy our content. your brand needs to appeal to my audience as well as yours! if you're still interested in collaborating then please shoot me an email and we can chat about what you're after. being erica is a pr-friendly blog. read my disclaimer for more information. 

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