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8 May 2014

frock swap | bank holiday traveller

top c/o bon marche | sunnies from kim | necklace : primark | skirt : donna's c/o f&f | shoes c/o clarks | bag : asos

arrrgh! this long weekend was again, not long enough. on sunday i spent the majority of my day on and off of trains, trying to make my way around the city's bank holiday, public transport nightmare. from south east london to putney (way south west) to pick up some keys, which took the best part of an hour and a half. then from putney back to south east london - on a different route, when i was forced to run up and over a footbridge as the train was pulling in on another platform because of a *change to service*. then, after a quick picnic with some lush ladies on the banks of the river thames, i headed back to london bridge, for an afternoon of drinking and bitching with my main essex squeeze.
bonus points for looking cute though, right? when donna's retro a-line skirt arrived last week, i had no idea how i was going to style it. i don't really own anything white, and a skirt this pretty needed something simple to wear with it. but then! as if by fate! bon marche pulled it out the bag by way of this david emanuel lacy number that is the puurrrrfect amount of pretty and plain to offset the retro print in the skirt. i felt so ladylike and lovely! i almost skipped around my house when i opened that little parcel. it's so delicately detailed, with sweet 3/4 sleeves (good to hide wings) and with an inner-lining, so no vest top required for hiding those nasty straps underneath. it's perfection!
and of course, my little scalloped lemon bag and comfy clarks got another day in the actual sun. so, not the worst way to spend the bank holiday - looking cute, but I just wish there were less trains involved.

how was your bank holiday monday spent?
i hope it involves less trains.


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  1. Love the outfit, especially the skirt. You got the style skillz. x

  2. Ala Skrakowski8 May 2014 at 12:51

    It's like they cut off South East London for the bank holiday weekend? We had a nightmare trying to get to Tower Hill to pick up some bedside tables off gumtree on the Saturday! Sounds like you had a fab time though! x

  3. Such an ace outfit, that skirt is so pretty!

    Maria xxx

  4. Mine was spent at work, trying to catch up for the week ahead, but then the evening was nice, as I had dinner cooked for me which is a rare treat.

  5. Love the pattern on the skirts. And obsessed with that bag!! Such a gorgeous colour xx

    Katy | www.littlemisskaty.co.uk


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