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22 May 2014

mundane midweek

oh, Wednesday. the day of... champions? oh, I don't know. Wednesday was a day that started with me hearing my alarm go off at seven am, but muster a zero percent care factor when it came to turning it off. usually, I would hit snooze. or, yell "snooze!" cos my phone is clever, but on Wednesday, I couldn't even bring myself to do that. I was saaaah tired, and I allowed the jingly-jangly alarm bells play for a full ten minutes while I continued to doze and willed myself to open my eyes. it was a tough start. from there, I dragged myself into the bathroom where I stood under running hot water long enough to consider myself clean, and then went about the arduous task of trying to dress for a day of weather that was set to be "cloudy, with a chance of rain, highs of twenty". well. that's... difficult now, isn't it?

plus, Wednesday. and what do we wear on Wednesdays? exactly; had to find something pink (and clean) that would a) keep me warm while overcast, b) dry while it rained, and c) cool in the humidity. know what I came up with? nothing. instead, I opted for the hopeful option of floral maxi, black tee and pink (I did it!) sandals. fairly optimistic for the chance of rain, but I was running out of time, and was already hot and bothered, and it wasn't even 8am. this is not how good days start, you guys.

the train was packed (what's new), and delayed (as per), and as I rushed to my desk after flip-flopping across soho with knickers wedged up my bum, I recalled the devastating news I'd prepared myself for the day before, but had completely forgotten about... I was out of ground coffee. I remembered I was supposed to pop to Tesco the night before and grab some more, but instead I went out for dinner and drinks until stupid o'clock, and it was only at seven minutes to nine on Wednesday morning that I remembered the excellent plan I'd concocted the morning earlier. lucccckily, I'm clever and have a coffee reserve for moments like that, and scrounged through my desk drawers until I found my plan b; Irish dream flavoured instant coffee that would have to suffice until... well, until I could be bothered to buy more. which wasn't likely to happen that day, and I knew it.
I had known for weeks but had conveniently forgotten that we were expecting some of our clients in for lunch. when I remembered, I was ecstatic (because broke, and also) because they were shouting us Wagamamas. errrrrmergerd do I love me some Asian fusian. I spent a good chunk of time between 10am (when I was reminded of their arrival) and 11:30 (when they arrived) trying to work out what I was going to order at lunch. I always choose something new, because I'm crazy like that, and so got stuck into their summer menu, planning my ideal lunch. because you're nosy, I shall tell you that I'd narrowed it down to the pork ribs, the coconut seafood broth or the chilli beef ramen, and a raspberry rush to wash it all down - mayyybe if there was room, also the coconut mochi ice cream.

well, there was all of those things. except the icecream. instead, there was chilli squid, duck and pork gyoza, chicken kara aga, and two - yes, two - types of edemame. and then the seafood broth (really nice, thanks for asking, if not spicy enough for me). when we finally rolled back to work, I was desperate for a nap - or at least somewhere to lay horizontally for a short while. the mums and I had planned to eat out in soho that night too, and the mere thought of eating more food made me want to weep. I couldn't imagine more food existing in my stomach. all of the tastes were excellent, but the honest to god discomfort I was feeling was less than ideal for an afternoon at work. bleuuurgh.

at home later with The Mums, there was pink wine, a Thai green curry (yes, more food) and an early night. there may or may not have been another two episodes of the Vampire Diaries on Netflix too. don't judge, this is my life... oh wow, that reminds me, I need to catch up on Glee and New Girl. thanks for the reminder!

hope you've had a great week so far, with just as much noms!

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  1. I don't often read blog posts all the way to the end, but yours always keep me laughing and reading on! xx


  2. oh, Grace! that's so awesome to hear, thank you - that's made my day! X


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