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26 May 2014

moving is balls.

i spent my sometimes-sunny saturday packing my life into boxes. it sucked so hard, but i documented it for the lols... one day i hope to look back and snile. that day is not currently in sight.

circa 11am i was one box down, with seventeen hundred to go! then i really did myself a favour and started making a mess on the white woodwork with dark coffee. no biggie, it's not like i had to clean the whole goddamn house again anyway. oh my, how i love to clean.

so apparently i have so many bags that two boxes were required to move them. this box is all my 'good (read: scalloped) bags', and it has six bags inside. the other box has almost fifteen. favouritism?

a well earned late lunch... not a lot of food in the house, so ended up with avocado and ham on some dry-ass crackers and a diet coke to wash the dry-ass cracker taste away. but at least my flowers were still killing it, more than a week later. ah, flowers, you'll never let me down.

with every single item of clothing packed, i rearranged my hangers because ocd innit. the local charity shops scored big time off me this weekend...six bags full went over to the british heart foundation on sunday.

*warm fuzzies* shit tones of karma points to me.

so... i may have run out of boxes at one point, the have to actually bathe, etc to go up the road to get more. thankfully, that was after the monsoon came and went and left us with some beautiful blue skies. those lovely sunny skies were suuuper helpful in cheering me up, because there's nothing i like to do more on a sunny saturday than pack boxes full of my useless crap. honest, it's my fave.

then mum came home! from her day spent in the sun! marketing it up on portobello road! by herself! while i packed! and she told me i'd done suuuch a great job when she saw all my boxes and empty wardrobes and tired face, so she gave me cake and told me to make her a pimms! so i did. the end.

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  1. disqus_k8R8UmI9Bk26 May 2014 at 00:28

    Looks very stressful, Erica but well done and happy new home <3 xxxx Beeta

  2. Moving can be such a headache but it is definitely a great time to have a mega clear out xx

  3. Oooh...moving house, not a fun time, but it looks like you did an ace job!! xx

  4. I loved at the start of the year and it was horrible. I needed about 6 boxes for books and then I had to half fill them so I could lift them. Good luck!


    Water Painted Dreams xo

  5. Moving really is balls!! Good luck with it all, just think it'll be worth it once it's all done :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  6. It sounds as though the Pimms and cake were very well deserved, well done you! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  7. like you'd ever need a legit reason though, huh.

  8. you're right. it's great to finally be in, and *just breath* (and sleep - a lot of sleep!)

  9. ooooh books are soooo heavy! i feel your pain!

  10. well... it all got moved, or thrown, so i suppose i did! X

  11. oh definitely! i purged so many things i'd been holding onto for no reason, but still... how does one person collect so much crap! x

  12. thanks lovely one xx


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