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23 May 2014

sunday | sun day

the day before the Stables Markets in Camden nearly burnt to the ground, The Mums and I met up with my little mate Erin (hint: she's suuuuper tall) and hit the streets of NW1 for a(nother) day of sunshine, Pimms and shopping for tat. that's the recipe for my ideal day out in London really, and thankfully this time I was hangover-free and ready to shop (and put up with the 1000+ photo opps that would inevitably present themself throughout the day)(I was worried I might lose one or both of The Mums to the crowd, hence why I employed the stature of a tall friend to easily identify them at all times).

we started by way of costa coffee on by the tube station, where The Mums were introduced to the Camden natives by way of the 'blind man' with his 'guide dog' that he actually had to give directions to (right, left, straight, left), and the lazy ass beggar whose conversation basically went "I've lost my Oyster and need change for the bus" "sorry mate" "I've lost my Oyster and need change for the bus" "sorry, I've got no change" "I've lost my Oyster and need change for the bus" "sorry, no" "I've lost my Oyster and need change for the bus" "*silence*" "I've lost my Oyster and need change for the bus". ahhh Camden, you never fail to entertain. oh, it was about midday.

we started with the Camden Lock markets, winding our way in-and-out of the rabbit warren of stalls selling the same old crap at every turn, then headed down into the lock-side stalls (obviously eating all of the samples those lovely Chinese men throw at you as you pass... too cheap to pay) to find the gems. The Mums were on the hunt for kitschy souvenirs and me for, well, tat, and my gosh does that place never disappoint.

one of The Mums was seen haggling with a trader over the cost of a £1 keychain, while another was found tossing up between dark pink and pale pink cameo earrings for someone other than herself, and deciding whether one for £3 and two for £5 meant she should just buy both anyway... I think it's safe to assume the answer was "yes" because... guess who now has a lovely set of new pale pink cameo earrings? (I joke, it's not me. I don't even wear earrings)

when the hunger pangs hit we headed down inside the stables markets to the secret tea rooms, which are my favourite tea rooms in London. I have been so many times now, and it kills me to report that every time I go there, the service appears to get worse and worse. it's been a good six or so months since the last time I was in there, and as we approached the bar to order this time, we found a rather sloth-like individual draped over the counter, casually employed by the tea rooms to take monies in exchange for goods and services. or, so we thought.

Erin and I each bought a piece of cake (her a red velvet and me a white chocolate and raspberry that we planned to split between us) that had already been cut and sat in a cake stand waiting to be served, while The Mums ordered a cream tea to share. on top of that, we grabbed a jug (duh) of Pimms (duh), and then took our seats in the cosy, beautifully curated tea rooms, full of second hand furniture, record players and a fully-functional piano, and waited for our food to be delivered.

a good... twenty minutes later, our cakes started to be served. the cakes that were already cut and ready to be eaten, took twenty minutes to be delivered to our table. we were the only customers in the tea rooms. it was... ridiculous. Erin and I had finished eating our cake by the time another member of staff (who we thought was a customer, as he had - before that - been playing 'Hit the Road, Jack' on the piano, over and over and over again) came over and asked what fillings we'd like in our cream tea. uhhhm, information that could have been procured as we ordered, I would have thought? finally though, the cream tea and the Pimms were delivered, and we ate and drank and bathed up the atmosphere in the totally beautiful little retro tea house, hidden amongst the vintage treasures below the main Stables Market.

we wandered a little while longer after that, but The Mums were pretty marketed out, so we headed for Regent's Park instead, where we sat and sunbathed and people watched and talked about getting ice cream but never actually getting ice cream, and then casually made our way home. it was almost seven by the time we actually got in (we missed a train at Charing Cross by mere seconnnnds), and we were hot, bothered, and desperately tired. this was day two spent marketing in the marvellous London sunshine, and The Mums were pleased as punch with their first weekend in town.

how did you spend your sunny sunday? tell me the things.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely way to spend a sunny Sunday. I spent most of mine at the allotment and got a few sewing projects finished.

  2. Hope you're having a great time with your Mum lady!! Sounds like loads of fun so far. x

  3. Sounds like a lovely day. And you got the awesome weather! :) xx

    Katy | www.littlemisskaty.co.uk

  4. Ah Camden looks absolutely beautiful. I've never been to London at all! Waiting that long for precut cake is a little bit ridiculous, was it worth it in the end?


    Water Painted Dreams xo

  5. I spent many days as a goth teenager stomping around Camden so it has a special place in my heart :)
    Your day out looks awesome - I like the look of that basement tearoom! xx


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