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7 July 2014

federation coffee | brixton

on sunday morning i set off nice and early - despite the threat of rain, and met up with mum, bex and bex's friend sarah who's currently staying with her while she travels around the uk. we had plans in the afternoon to head over to eltham palace for an afternoon of culture, but before that we had agreed to meet up in brixton for a spot of breaky and maybe a wander of the fresh farmer's markets.

well, the markets idea was a bit of a bust; there are no markets open on a sunday. well, there was a minor fresh market sort of 'propped up' along the other side of the bridge, but certainly nothing like what we were expecting. disappointed for sarah and bex who had come so far out of their way to meet us there, we decided to head off in the direction of federation coffee inside brixton village for a good old fashion kiwi (bex knows the owner, nick, from back home!) coffee to kick start the day.

despite sarah's coffee app (genius) advising that they were shut on sundays, we took our chances and went along for a look. well, if the line into the shop and busy tables outside were anything to go by, nobody else had seen those particular opening hours; it was heaving, and not even 11! we jumped in the line while bex secured a table for us, and got to deciding on what breakfast would consist of...

let me tell you something: if you're an antipodean and you go somewhere antipodean-owned and you have the option to have home made anzac biscuits, you do. at a measly £1.50 for a delicious treat the size of my hand, you do. so, four for the table, please. the coffees were a bit average, if i'm honest, and they didn't get our order right which saw a few go back a few times... always annoying. we didn't stick around too much longer after we'd devoured those bickies - plus, we had better things to be getting on with!

we could see the weather was definitely improving, which was just as well as i'd only brought my new london retro prescription sunnies with me, and not my regular specs, so i was grateful to be able to finally wear those. it's a funny thing, prescription sunnies; i didn't realise how bad my eye sight was before i started wearing my glasses all day long, and then once summer sort of 'hit' and  i needed to wear sunnies to and from work, i fell back into my 'being blind and squinting but at least not squinting from sunlight' mode. 

so, having a pair that ticks both boxes is really novel because... 
they kinda make me feel... normal (new for me).

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  1. This cafe is so unassuming but lovely - if I'm ever in Brixton I'll be checking it out:-) shame about the coffees, but at least you felt snazzy in your glasses! Haha, Lauryn x

  2. So sweet...give me all those cakes ;) You looked great x

  3. Loving the glasses and I really want to try and anzac biscuit now!

  4. get invollllllved x

  5. if only it wasn't so damn busy! next time :)

  6. Love your sunglasses. Also a coffee app!? That sounds amazing, what app is it?
    Too bad the cafe was a bummer!

  7. i literally have no idea what the app was called, but i shall do my darndest to find out and report back!


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