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31 July 2014

w.i.w.t | great plains are never dull

hat : h&m | dress c/o great plains | belt + shoes : primark

can we all agree this dress is an odd length for me? that's all i ever hear from people about my beloved maxi skirts - that they're an odd-length and make you feel short. let me be clear; nothing makes me feel less-tall than when i am in a midi or below-the-knee hemline. nothing. the problem here is that i actually adore this dress. when french connection's sister company great plains asked if i'd like to try something from their range, i wondered if anything would really be 'me' - fcuk is all a bit... stuffy and structured for me; i'm a pastel princess after all, but i took a gamble and hit their site.

when i saw this checked beauty, i knew it had to be mine. grrranted the model on site happens to be a fair amount taller (and slimmer...ahem) than me, but i ultimately utterly misjudged the length. it needs like, 10cm taken off the bottom, and i can't be bothered doing this myself. i think i will take her along to a seamstress who can fix it right up, because at this length, she's not going to be worn. i guess it's a bit ill-fitting around the waist too - it's almost too long in the body? oh gosh, i don't know. all i know is i wanted this dress to make me look like the model, but instead it just makes me look like a shorter and stumpier version of me.

things i love about this dress and why i don't want this whole post to sound negative; the fabric; 100% cotton so breathes really well in this stinking heat. the cap sleeves; a perfect length to hide back fat and bingo wings. the print; a pretty peach and purple tartan check - something i wouldn't naturally choose to wear, but when i saw online instantly knew i wanted to own it. the price; this beauty is now on sale. yup. bonus points for being a bargain too. so, yeah. let's not focus on the bad, because the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

the best thing about this dress is the accessories it meant i got to wear with it! i adorrre my new straw bowler that i picked up in the h&m sale recently, and these peachy leather sandals have become a firm favourite of mine too. the accessories saved this outfit, that's for sure. now i just need someone to perform a miracle on the shape and length, and i will be one happy little camper. 

do you have one item of clothing you wont quit just because it's not what you thought it would be?

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  1. This is a really beautiful plaid! I understand what you mean about the length; I think you look lovely, but sometimes taking things to a tailor can breathe new life into them!

    xox Sammi

  2. I love that print! Its funny because thats like the length I most desire! But if it makes you feel awkward it wouldn't hurt to bring it to a seamstress just to fix up a bit.

  3. i think the dress looks good on you though. :)

    xoxo, rae

  4. The colours in the dress are so pretty!

  5. i freakin love this dress!!!! when i worked with the lovely great plains earlier this year i wanted this dress so badly, but it was cold and rainy in spring and i just didn't have the foresight to shop for summer when i was so blinking cold (so i ordered jeans which were also lovely!) I have to say great plains has shocked me, they carry some really pretty individual pieces. And this ,well it looks gorgeous on you. And look at your waist!! You've lost so much weight (meant in a nice way btw) you are looking flipping well gorgeous!
    I know you're not a big heel lover but have you thought of a pair of tan wedges to lifet the legs and make the length a little more bearable? I know i feel like that about midi's and can't go there unless a heel in involved!XXX

  6. Love love love the dress! I know what you mean about midis. I see tall skinny ladies wearing them and think: I want one! I can look like that too!... Cue disappointment.

    The print on this is fab though. And err straw bowler hat?? WIN. Massive win. xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  7. it was the print that really sold this one to me; with the few alterations, it should be a winner! i agree the length would be perfect for you though :)

  8. i am officially in love with a hat.

  9. eeeep thanks Sarah!

  10. so so so sosososo agree!

  11. i know; it's weird that I prefer them shorter - especially as I don't actually get my legs out in person, but I just feel swimming in fabric otherwise! weeeeeirdo.

  12. let's hope a slight alteration does the trick! x

  13. I think it looks lovely! I love the print, I struggle so bad with length, I'm pretty much a hobbit and regular dresses are sometimes too long yet petite are sometimes too short. Oh the woes haha.
    I love the outfit though, the hat is so adorable! You're adorable! Haha.
    Kloe xx

  14. This look is beautiful on you!

    Maria xxx

  15. you look so pretty! I love that dress paired with such an adorable hat^^ how very summery!


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