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10 July 2014

the ring bling with joshua james

i am a long-time fan of pandora bracelets. i had one a really long ago that sadly is no longer with me (you can read the story here), that - despite trying, i will never be able to replace. the beads and memories contained on that bracelet are some that i won't ever be able to recreate again, and losing that thing still makes me sad to think about... so let's not. instead, let's talk about something that's currently making me happy; pandora stacker rings.

when carl from classic jewellery hub joshua james got in touch by asking if i'd like to try a bead from their pandora range, i just about cried. the poor guy didn't know my story (lucky him), but when i explained that i wasn't really interested in pandora's bracelet range he had to wonder... what was i interested in? rings! i exclaimed, and - thankfully, he was more than happy to oblige me. having come to a suitable compromise, i gave him (what i thought was) my ring size (i haven't been sized since i was about 21), and waited.
well, not even for very long. with my order placed on a thursday, i was definitely not expecting a special wee parcel of silver to turn up at my desk the very next day. now, i don't know if this is because the order was placed with a real person and not via the normal check out procedure, but you simply cannot get anything delivered that quickly in london; i was totally in awe of the shipping turn around and customer service experience that joshua james were delivering to me. bloody fab.

now, as we know, i'm not a big accessories girl. i love a bag and a matching shoe, and on occasion, a bit of a statement necklace or a floral crown. you'll rarely see me in 'junk jewellery' or an arm full of bangles. the reason for this is really... mental. as in, it's in my head. you see, one fateful february 6th of about six years ago, i had a bit of a run in with a knife, that saw a chunk of skin being cut through just above where a ring was sitting snugly on my middle finger. the ring was impossible to remove with the blood and guts and gunk hanging off my hand, and my boyfriend at the time had quite the job on his hands getting that ring off me before i passed out from blood loss or general disgust at the situation.

since that day - since seeing the way my poor purple finger looked all fat and explodey, and how much damage that ring did to my hand in constricting the circulation to my (now damaged forever) finger, i just cannot wear rings. they don't feel comfortable; they feel tight and stuck and i feel really claustrophobic in them. mental, right? but, that doesn't stop me liking pretty rings and wanting nice things. so i did what i thought was a really clever thing, and gave carl a size bigger than i thought i was. i told him i was an n when i'm pretty sure i'm actually an m. in hindsight, no... i am an n. these fit pretty snug... which, i'm told is right.

but, i can't not wear them. they're too damn pretty to give up on, so i have been training myself to wear them. i have been wearing them on the 'thinnest' fingers; my ring fingers. ha. how appropriate though, right? so far, no one's asked if i'm engaged though, which... disappointing. i've also been playing with them a lot. as in, moving them up and down my finger and swapping them from one finger to another, just to make sure they're not cutting off the circulation to my hands, or whatever. i am properly crazy, i know. but, you know what? it's working. i'm much calmer about wearing rings now!

wouldn't you be though, i mean... they're so damn pretty!
which is your fave ring in the collection?

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  1. Thats story is crazy scary! I don't blame you for being slightly turned off by rings now but these are lovely. Im glad you've had the courage to wear them because it would be a shame not to put those beauties to use!

  2. Ohhh they're so pretty!! Lucky girl!

  3. thanks so much Joanna!

  4. they're totally perfect, aren't they!

  5. i know, right! i don't dare trust knives ever again!

  6. Dude, I registered on a printing site in the afternoon on Monday and got a brochure and greeting card samples (as I'd requested from their customer service, not through the site) the very next morning. No one even told me it had shipped. I saw the big cardboard "photographs - please don't bend" envelope and didn't open it till after I showered, which gave me a whole lot of time to wonder what the hell it was. I half thought some photog might have sent me prints of my modeling work!


  7. that is exceptional shipping.


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