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15 July 2014

w.i.w.t | stop - it's trouser time

tee : primark | trousers : monki | sandals : primark | necklace c/o tmart (i think?)

i know, right. so i previewed these trousers a couple of weeks ago on instagram, and nearly broke my app. yep, she who never wears trousers, was wearing trousers, and the internet reacted accordingly. which i found pretty funny to be fair, but also really... comforting? in a way? kind of? i mean, i loath being in trousers - but i suspect that's because i worked in a jeans retailer for the best part of eight years, and swore i would never wear them again the minute i left. and, i haven't now, in almost four years. no trousers, in four years. and i've travelled to some pretty damn cold countries, in the winter time, and lived to tell the tale. there's definitely something to be said for layering up, yes. 

i'm off topic. so i bought these from the monki sale (for about a tenner) after seeing them on a colleague. they were all kinds of appealing to me; high waisted (to hide the belly), wide legged (to hide the thighs), light weight (to beat the heat) and - best of all, floral (in keeping with tradition)! that same day my work mate wore them i popped down to monki on carnaby street and snapped them up. in hindsight i wish i'd grabbed the smaller size, as the cotton fabric has really loosened quite a bit that i had to wash them after that first wear (i know, most people do this anyway, but years of working in retail taught me how to keep clothes alive longer, and one quick tip is to wash them less). annoyingly though, even in cold water, they kind of shrunk up at the ankle. ha. oh well, they're still fab.

i wore these to work and nobody really noticed that they were trousers until they saw me walking on the stairs, ha. i guess they just throw off that maxi-dress vibe from afar, which is totally my jam so they'd be forgiven for not anticipating a pant in lieu of a skirt. but, when they realised what was happening between my legs (hur hur), i got rounds of applause and pats on the back and general hilarious pants bants all day.

it was incredible. and now i want to surprise people more often, cos that was fun.

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  1. they're gorgeous! i'm the complete opposite- you'll never see me in a skirt and barely ever a dress ha!

  2. These are beautiful! I'm on the search for a perfect pair of high waisted trousers. You look great missy!
    Kloe xx

  3. Lovely lovely. I have a pair similar and felt very good wearing them. x

  4. You need to wear trousers like these more often, for the pair of us! Too short to carry them, but you look amazing in them! Seriously, trousers for the win! xx


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