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18 October 2014

things i need : a bedroom makeover

last night while i was trying to sleep, i heard a noise. the window was slightly ajar, and there was a light breeze coming in through the blinds, but the noises i was hearing were not the usual ones; it was not the sound of the blind cord hitting the slats, the hangers in my wardrobe clanging together, or - more recently, the sound of my birthday balloons bouncing against the wall, no. this sound was more of a scratching, rustling noise. it was upsetting. i did not like it.

i racked my brain to try and figure out what the noise could be. a leaf outside the window being blown across the sill? a moth caught in the light fitting? a giant, winged spider trying to make its way into my bedroom through my partially drawn blinds? who knows. but, do you want to know what i genuinely now worry that noise was? a mouse. a mouse that lives either under my bed, or inside my wardrobe. neither of those places is really ideal for a mouse, and here's why: i don't want a mouse living in either of those places.

i have a lot of "stuff", in a very small space, and it's left me paranoid that there's lots of wildlife living among my things...which is less than ideal. so spurned by that, and the couple of pals i know who've just bought their first properties with room enough for me to live with them (dreaming), i have decided that as the king of wishful thinking, i'd quite like to make over my many, many bedrooms.

terrified of being at ground level with a mouse (or other), this high bed from bedstar is just the thing to allow both height, and also comfy, undisturbed sleep. having the bed raised off the floor not only means no mice can live in it with me, but it also makes use of the space underneath which can only mean one thing: room for activities!

theses floral cushions are just the thing to both keep me comfy, and give my live its floral purpose, while this comfortable yet foldable chair will suit all my desktop (and buttock) needs. as i'm desperately in need of storage solutions for my many, many handbags, this shoe rack is kind of ideal. with a wee shelf on top for the favourites to be on show, while a bit of room underneath for the subordinate lot (or, shoes, i guess).

speaking of storage solutions, i am in desperate need of somewhere to hide all my records; currently they're stuck inside an ugly laptop box... just no. this crosley record carrier is just the thing. floral and practical - what more could a girl like me want? and finally, to inject a bit of colour and break up the mundane of the white, white walls, i'd whack a couple bright and colourful picture frames up to keep the pretty teal and floral colour scheme consistent throughout.

you guys know i'm not a blue girl - normally, but there's something about these pops of teal that are really making my heart happy at the moment. maybe teal is my autumnal pink? oh god, i can't believe i even wrote that. what am i like?! it is a gorgeous colour to be fair...thankfully it goes well with pink.

there's a mouse in my house! what do i do now? help meeeeeee.

*post written in collaboration with brand*

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  1. You've picked out some good finds there! I know what you mean... I'm currently attempting to redecorate 3 rooms in our house... its all too overwhelming - I'm trying to do all 3 rooms at once and struggling to know where to start!
    PS - Did you know mice can crawl? ;-) hehe (Sorry!) x

  2. ohhh nooo why would you tell me thaaaat!

  3. I love the bed and teal colour is lovely and looks good all year round :) x

  4. I love those picture frames they are so different!

    P.S. sorry for all the comments I have just discovered your blog and I love it so I am having a good old nosy around. :)


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