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6 October 2014

weekend snapshots

1 / an incredible present turned up at work for me on thursday. wrapped in nothing but the box it came in, and with no clues as to from whence it came, reception told me there was a parcel for me to sign for. i was all "nooooo, that's not mine" and they were all "yesssss it is; sign here", and i was all *blank stare and slack jaw* until i got it back to my desk and all my colleagues were all "whaaaat is thaaaat?" and i was all *as above*. it then occurred to me that one of my best mates had been verrrry confident about their expert gift-buying skills earlier that day, and so a few texts to she in australia had me incredibly shocked (and partly annoyed) that someone other than a family member could be so incredible generous and thoughtful with their gifting to me. me! a fricken ginormous camera! someone help me use it please!

2 + 3 / that night i met up with my good friend mark in shepherd's bush for a quick pizza dinner before we headed over to the empire for a sold out show. vance joy is an aussie singer/songwriter - a little passenger-esque, and mark had a spare ticket to asked me along for my birthday. and probably because i too am australian, and he had assumed i'd be keen. which, i was. he was really great live too, which was a bonus. getting home an hour and a half after leaving the venue was not.

4 / sparkly donuts that look like mouths, are always welcome in my belly on a friday.

5 + 6 / on saturday i met up with a friend who is new to london, for coffee and a wander around borough market. with brownies and fresh fruit and the caffeiene fix we needed, we battled the rain and wind and made our way across the bridge to somerset house, to check out the final days of the time: tattoo art today exhibition... which, was a little disappointing, i thought. i had been reading about this exhibition since it opened in the summer, and over the last few weeks as tattooers from all across the world descended on london for the annual convention, a lot of the guys i follow on instagram ended up there too. the exhibition was small; apparently around 70  pieces (i don't think there was even half of that), but some of the art was just beautiful.

7 / when i left the house on sunday to do my weekly grocery shop, i was greeted by such prettiness out on the road. it was a bright blue, but slightly crisp day, and finally dry. it really is the little things.

8 / inspired by my cultural experience on saturday, i watched a lot of ink master this weekend. in fact, i watched the whole first season on saturday night/sunday morning, which i do not regret at all except for the fact i had to see a lot of dave navaro's pale, skinny arms in my personal time. not cool, dave. the only upside was eating all of the food at the same time. nom, pringles, nom.

hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

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  1. ooh ooh, take a photography class with me....

  2. Group photography class? Please yes I'd be so in for this.

    If not, could I please have one of those donuts instead? HELLO PINK. xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  3. I would like a generous friend like yours! haha. Interesting that you said Vance Joy was good live… I've heard mixed reviews! I would like to see him though, as he sounds bloody good recorded! xx


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