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28 October 2014

what's in my (new)(incredible) bag

when this ted baker 'odele' tote bag* turned up from repertoire uk last week, i was pretty excited to style it up and show it off in all it's glory... but, the thing i really noticed about it once i'd unwrapped it from it's bubble-wrap shell, that  the majority of my other bags are definitely lacking, is the size. and the best way to show off the size of something? prove how much 'stuff' it fits in it, obviously! and, everyone loves a nosy, don't they? 

look at all that stuff indeed! there's enough room in this whopper for two shades of lippy, one paw paw ointment and the emergency eyeliner, as well as my marc jacobs compact, spare bobby pins and travel hairbrush (for the necessary fring maintenance, obvs) because there are three, three different compartments for all your beautifying needs! plus, there's one internal zippy compartment for all the secret lady business (you know what i'm talking about, girls) too!

the essential passes (work and travel) and 'things' like keys and hand cream and pain killers live in one of the external compartments for easy access, while the headphones - giant as they are, and my sunnies and purse - also giant, live comfortably in the main pocket. and still, with all that inside, there's remarkably still plenty of room for...
this giant piece of picture-taking kit that turned up mere days after my birthday from what can only be described as one very, very generous and thoughtful friend back home. i was too scared to use it for such a long time, especially to take it out and about with me because i just didn't have anything i was comfortable carrying it around it in. but with the amount of room in this ted baker beauty, a.k.a "the prettiest bag ever", i was able to finally lug it out with me over the weekend.

so really, what more could you want in a bag? except maybe a longer strap; i'm so not used to having to actually carry a handbag anymore - all my bags are satchels or cross-body bags, and it's so damn annoying having to carry something so damn heavy in the crook of your arm (or, if you're lazy like me, then carry it by hand), so a longer strap so i could wear it on my shoulder would be ideal. fashion isn't always practical now, is it?

many thanks to repertoire uk for giving me the chance to finally get out and use my birthday gift properly! there are so many fab brands available at already-discounted prices (vivienne and ted to name a few) online, and the already-generous folk behind the scenes have gone and done the unthinkable and whipped you lot of a discount code of your very own to use for a further 10% anything you like - use the code BEINGERICA10 at the checkout to take full advantage of their generosity.

now tell me; are you a cross-body bag or shoulder bag kinda girl?

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  1. I vary. I love me a shoulder bag if I don't have to carry my entire life around. For work I use a huge backpack (cos my shoulders were starting to complain) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  2. Agree with Katy- i'm a shoulder bag gal! I carry everything in it, and somehow I always accumulate about ten thousands bits of crumpled tissue in the bottom?!

    Angela | The Awkward Blog

  3. That's a Mary Poppins bag if ever I saw one!

  4. I love a bag that has hidden compartments ready for ALL THE THINGS - so helpful! Bag wise I'm not that fussy. It can be a shoulder bag, a cross body or perfect for the crook of my elbow. Why limit yourself when it comes to something as awesome as bags?! xxx

  5. gosh Fi, you are SO right. X

  6. tis a dammmmn pretty wee thing! x

  7. ohhhh i hear that Angela! i rarely carry tissues, but somehow i manage to accumulate them!

  8. backpack chic girrrrrl x


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