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12 March 2015

wishlist | feelin' springy

denim | paisley | scarf| amethyst | boots | lilac satchel | slippers | loafers | fluffy top

the last few days have brought with them bright blue skies, deliciously warming sun, and a long-awaited excuse to drop a couple of the heavy winter layers; spring is finally in the air, and i am totally freaking out because all of the things from last year now do not fit. change the record, huh? but rather than panic, it's time to hit the shops. and get updating!

i haven't really been proper shopping in months - sure, i've bought bits and pieces here and there, but updating a wardrobe for the seasonal change is something i have been avoiding at all costs, mostly because it sounds really expensive, and also because... spring is my favourite season for pretty clothes, and i've been waiting until the time was riiiiiight.

and man, aren't i glad. look at alllll the pretty thiiings! my credit card might not thank me, but the reflection in the mirror will when it checks me out wearing my lovely spring-inspired wares. pastels and paisley and pale blue denim, oh boy! i am pleased to be finally ridding my wardrobe of the worn out pale grey hooded coat that's keep me warm and dry all winter, and excited to finally to pull some lighter layers out of hibernation. 

it's not just the outerwear; i will be exchanging my black chelsea boots for tan heeled boots and metallic loafers, fluffy jumpers and cardigans for cropped fluffy tops and cardigans, and one candy coloured satchel for another. i am about to make spring my bitch. *insert warrior princess call here*

which is your season to update your wardrobe in?

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