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4 December 2015

style | the boots are back!

dress c/o fat face | cardigan c/o george | boots : asos | belt : primark

well, sort of. i've been moaning about my favourite boots that i bought so many pairs of from asos last year for ages now - well, since the last pair died, anyway, and although i have been able to find some new boots that i do like very much, and are very comfortable, they're just not my favourites. you know? so colour me happy when i was casually perusing the sale boots on asos the other day and stumbled upon the remi boot by truffle. my old boots were truffle, and so i naturally always search their range first. the remi isn't the exact same pair as last year's faves, but they're totally almost the same. the major difference i could see was the shape of the toe: it's pointy now!

the heel is also a little lower, which might actually be perfect for a winter in edinburgh, as the biggest worry i have right now is slipping over on some black ice and breaking another finger. the new boots i bought recently to replace last years do ~not have a rubber heel, and so are fairly slippy on regular concrete. i can't imagine how dangerous they will be on a wet road. so i'm pretty stoked that i've been able to locate some rubber-heeled boots for my time away. now all i have to do is break them in!

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  1. Lovely boots also really love the Fat Face dress. Gemma xx


thank you for your comment, you lovely thing you.