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18 December 2015

style | knitwearing - part two

earlier in the week i shared part one of a challenge set by new look around re-styling a piece of knitwear for the winter. the grey fine knit tunic seemed a really versatile choice, because the colour is so trans-seasonal that it will literally go with just about anything. in part one i kept it simple and wore it how i plan to wear it a lot this christmas in edinburgh, but today i thought i'd jazz it up a little bit, and see just how else i could possibly wear it.

knit tunic c/o new look | pinafore c/o george | necklace c/o somewhere online | boots : asos

ok so it might seem a bit stupid to wear a dress over a dress, but seriously - i wore this look to the shops (with my new heavy-duty winter coat) and i was ~hot. i think i'm definitely on to something with this layering malarkey! it started out as a bit of curiosity - because, like how many ways ~can you wear a dress? just change the shoes and coat? no, i wanted to see really how versatile this bad boy was, and look! super versatile!

if nothing else, it's encouraged me to go out and buy some polo neck tops, because i really like the look of the pinny and high neck combination, especially with something pink and pretty worn over the top too. it's dressy without being over the top, and i think it's a nice take on the monochrome phase i seem to be going through at the moment too.

which is your favourite of the two looks; i think this one definitely gets my vote.

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